New business comes to Community

Moxie is a new automotive company that specializes in Auto Glass and Accessories. The business, located in Hillsboro at the corner of D St. and Birch, opened its doors in August after remodeling the building.

As you drive west on D street in Hillsboro on your way to the ball fields, you might notice that the old Western Auto building has been brought back to life and is home to a new business in town called Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories, Inc.

With a lot of help and hard work, Tiffany Johnson, the owner of Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories, spent the summer revitalizing the old building located at 304 W D St. She said she had assistance from others to get the building ready, including adding bathrooms and making the place more modern and welcome and now they help her run it.

“Honestly, I couldn’t do this without my whole team. It’s our team that helps us and without them, I just couldn’t do it. My team is the best,” said Johnson.

Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories was named specifically for the meaning of the word moxie which means determination and nerve.

“I’m not going to give up, because we spent a lot on all of the tools and it is really exciting and important work. We get more and more business every day,” said Johnson.

The business opened its doors in August and is still working on some upgrades they have planned for the outside of the business as well as gradually adding services and events to what they already do. One service that Johnson hopes to add soon is free educational workshops for women as well as people in general.

“80% of car and repair care is handled by women,” said Johnson. “It’s important to me to educate people and help women know what services they are getting and need. It’s also important to educate young men, too, especially if their parents aren’t car people. With these seminars, if young people understand auto repair now, then maybe they will go into that trade and maybe get involved since it’s interesting to them.”
Moxie also offers an array of services including windshield replacement, chip repair, ADAS calibration (camera calibration) for all makes and models, window tinting, automotive accessories, electronic accessories, UTV customizations, Interlock installs and calibrations. The shop offers premium brands such as Llumar window film, B&W Hitches, Ranch Hand Bumpers, Retrax bed covers and more.
“We also do ceramic coating on vehicles and a paint protection film that we can apply to a vehicle and it’s self-healing. So when rocks come off semis, hit the front of your hood and leave the little ugly rock chips, the plastic film heals in the sun and actually repairs itself,” said Johnson. “When we do the ceramic glass coating on windshields, it actually hardens your windshield to protect it from chips and pits. Our tint and paint protection services carry a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. We also offer next-day windshield replacement and in some cases same-day replacements.”

Johnson, who lives in Marion, chose Hillsboro as the home for her venture because she recognized a growing need for aftermarket automotive services.

“I wanted to take the skills I learned in business over the last 20 years and open a sustainable business that contributes to this growing economy and incredible community,” she said.

Johnson is also passionate about helping people by doing the job right and effectively as well as educating them along the way. She said she got started in the business after being taken advantage of by a car repair place that overcharged her for services she didn’t even need.

“They knew my family was important to me so they made it sound like I had to have these things done for safety. They were not honest, and I paid for it,” said Johnson.

Since then, she has taught herself and attended all sorts of trainings and classes so that she can offer the best and most needed services to her customers. This is especially important as repairs become more dependent on computers and technology. Johnson and her crew work together to help pass on the most accurate education and services that they can.

“As many know, automobiles have more and more tech in them which can be a blessing and a curse; replacing a windshield is no longer a quick and easy job. The tools required to recalibrate those safety features are expensive and require training, skill and precision to operate,” she said. “Many do not know that when you go to get your windshield replaced, you need to get your camera re-calibrated.”

While Moxie offers a lot of services that other glass shops do as well, Johnson believes that there are several things that make them stand out in the field.

“We offer dealership-level glass recalibration, and we work with all insurance companies and will help you file a claim. A lot of insurance companies will pay to have a chip repaired rather than pay for a whole new windshield so we help the customer get that figured out,” said Johnson

A few other services they offer are mobile service, lifetime warranty on window tint, same day service, certified technicians, replace or repair power windows, replace school bus and heavy equipment glass.
Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories also believes it is important to put the community first and foremost.

Johnson said, “We believe that being customer-focused and providing good service will provide sustainability and allow Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories to continue contributing to the community through school donations to all educational levels throughout Marion County. Every month, we pick a school district and we call the high school and middle school and see if we can donate supplies. We take some of our profits and get supplies that are hard for schools to come up with. We did Hillsboro in October, Peabody in November and then are doing Marion Elementary School this month. ”

They also work with other dealerships who send some of their repair needs for windshields to them to work on. Moxie has been working to establish good relationships with the dealerships and other businesses in Marion County.

For more information on Moxie Auto Glass & Accessories, be sure and check their website at and follow them on Facebook at for exclusive announcements. Or call them at 620-416-0008. Their hours are Monday through Thurs 7 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. and then Friday from 7 a.m.- 3 p.m.

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