Mexican food returns to Hillsboro

Ever since the news of the sudden closure of El Lorito, the Mexican restaurant in Hillsboro, many have been wondering who would be taking over. While there were many speculations, the consensus among most seemed to be the hope that it would continue serving Mexican food.

Last week, questions were answered when familiar faces Erik and Trini Torres reopened the restaurant under the new name Pueblo Viejo. The Torres family used to be involved with the restaurant when it was La Cabana and owned by Trini’s brother.

“It wasn’t what we expected, but we are open, and that is all that matters,” Trini said with a laugh. “We finally did it. The owner of the building asked us if we would take it when the previous couple who ran it left, and we decided it was a good idea.”

Erik agreed.

“It’s a lot of work but worth it,” he said. “We need Mexican food here.”

Pueblo Viejo means Old Town.

The Torreses, who have lived in Hillsboro for 15 years, are originally from Mexico and appreciate authentic Mexican food.

“Real Mexican food is different,” Erik said.

The couple is excited about the food they will be serving.

“It’s the same exact menu [as El Lorito], but we will be preparing everything here with fresh ingredients daily,” Trini said. “I am also going to have a bunch of desserts very soon like malts and flan and a bunch of new stuff. We will add beer and margaritas later, too.”

There will be a new sign that is arriving and getting put up sometime this week. There are some plans to fix up some things inside, including new flooring, paint and more. But for now, the couple is focusing on to-go orders due to COVID. They are also working on having delivery on the weekends.

“The numbers are just too high with the virus and keep going up for us to be open right now. We want everyone to be safe,” Trini said. “But we hope to be able to open up soon.”

The couple’s daughter, Karina, will be running the business with them. Their sons, Alan and Erik, Jr., will also be helping out when they aren’t busy.

The family is planning on adding some cultural aspects to the place, including a display for the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. They want to introduce some foods related to Mexican traditions and culture.

While they are bringing in some of their native culture, the couple also loves and appreciates the culture of Hillsboro.

“It is safe here, and we like that for our children,” Erik said.

They plan to be here for a long time.

“We just want to make good food for people and make them happy,” Trini said.

They are improving their website for easier online ordering and hope to have it up this week. They have Facebook as well. For now, diners can call in their orders at 620-947-0260.

The hours will be Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 9 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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