Marion man releases children’s book

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Thane Schwartz, Marion, recently had his first book published. It is available on Amazon.

An encounter with a small injured kitten on a road at the Marion County Reservoir several years ago led to a children’s book writing experience for Marion man Thane Schwartz. Schwartz noticed the kitten and decided to take him home and keep him.

The kitten healed and settled into life at his new home.

Schwartz and his cat were in the barn one day when the kitten caught a mouse and it startled both Schwartz and his cat. The mouse got loose and scampered off causing the kitten and Schwartz to look at each other in surprise.

“It started this whole story in my head with the characters of Little Mouse and Boo Boo. It was like they kept speaking to me and I had to get a pad and pencil and get everything down that their voices had to say,” said Schwartz.

The story is a sweet story about an unexpected friendship between an injured baby kitten and a brave little mouse. Their lessons in courage are meant to teach readers about love, tolerance and acceptance during times of crisis.

Schwartz, who is a man of faith, says this is a good story for those having trouble adjusting to our present-day social and political environment. He explained that he wanted this book to offer hope to everyone during these times of division in this country so that maybe people could see what they have in common and not just how they are different.

Schwartz also wrote this book with his father in mind.

“I respected him and wanted to honor him. He recently died and it made me want to finally get this book released. I wanted to tell this story,” said Schwartz.

Schwartz lives with his wife in Marion. He taught special education in Colorado when he moved there for a short time. But he has spent much of his life in Kansas and has been back living in Marion for years now. He is retired from teaching, but he continues to write and hopes to have a theology book out at some point.

Because of his heart for education in Marion County, Schwartz is donating 20 percent of all books sold to Families and Communities Together (FACT) from now until Easter. The book is available at

The Adventures of Boo Boo and Little Mouse is a book that offers a simple message of hope. The book is written by Marion man Thane Schwartz and illustrated by Alexandria Frasher.
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