Marion County group gives update on western Kansas fire relief donations

A group of Tampa residents, who worked on getting hay and other donations for fire victims in western Kansas due to rampant fires on Dec. 15, 2021, have been able to see what a difference their work has made. The group, led by Jonas Frantz and Kelly Novak, has learned that $8,980 was donated through Tampa State Bank and $275 was donated at Main Street Cafe in Durham bringing the total donated to $9,255.

In addition to money, 398 bales of hay were donated which is valued at $28,000.

“We received a call from Tanner Lyle, Natoma, who was affected by the fire, who called us immediately after Mike Houser had dropped off a load of hay, expressing his gratitude for all the efforts from the people of this area,” said Kim Frantz who is married to Jonas.

The group expressed their deep appreciation to all who helped and donated.

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