Marion County Commissioners continue planning for summer

COVID-19 updates

Marion County Health Department Health Administrator Diedre Serene explained to the Commissioners during their May 11 meeting that cases will not be taken off the case count once they have recovered. The number will not go down.

“At this time all of our cases are out of quarantine (minus the one death) and they pose no risk to the community at this time,” said Serene. “The KDHE has very good guidance for business owners as well as families. As we learn more about the virus, the guidelines change as well as while we move through these phases. And don’t forget to wear masks, uses good handwashing, and practice good social distancing.”

Serene explained that the suggestion to wear the mask is only a suggestion but a very strong one.

“That not only protects you from the public but that protects the public from those who potentially have the virus but are asymptomatic,” said Serene.

Randy Frank, Director of Marion County Emergency Management, mentioned that they have started a campaign focusing on Rosie the Riveter.

Her “Can Do Attitude” helped to engage our nation during World War II when there was a shortage of workers to support the War Effort.

Frank has called back into service one of the Original “Rosie the Riveters” to call out to Kansans for social distancing and wearing a protective mask while in public.

There is a plan to carefully move back into doing what we are used to doing,’ said Frank, “as each state meets the threshold that has been set the transition will be bearable. I have reached out to Virginia Ball of Eldorado, KS, AKA Rosie the Riveter, to help lead the campaign for a calmer move back into our comfort zones.”

There are only 4 phases that have to be taken before we reach our goal and our biggest challenge is patience,” Ball said. “Kansans have showed that they are willing to do what is necessary when tough times are in front of us and together We Can Do It!”

The “Rosie the Riveter attitude of “We Can Do It” is in all of us as we move back into our new normal,” Ball added.

Frank also stated that food donations are down for food banks so they should reach out to the state for more resources.

Bluegrass Festival

Park and Lake Superintendent Isaac Hett gave an update on the Bluegrass Festival that is held annually out at the lake. The festival has usually been held in June, but the committee is planning to change it to July 31 and August 1 due to COVID-19. They are also planning on leaving the festival on the date in the future due to conflicts with the previous dates.

Hett also gave an update on the heated dock that is being replaced at the county lake. The contractor is just waiting on a few more supplies that had been held up due to COVID-19 and then he can move forward and finish things up.

All commissioners except Randy Dallke and County Clerk Tina Spencer were present in person. County Attorney Brad Kanz and Randy Dallke attended by phone or virtually.

In other business, the board:

  •  discussed roof repair on several county facilities
  •  discussed using some of the transient guest tax to pay for ads for events in Marion County in the Kansas Travel Guide
  •  discussed the removal of contaminated soil at the transfer station
  •  heard road and bridge updates from County Engineer Brice Goebel
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