Marion council issues guidelines for curbside recycling

Curbside recycling begins the first week of 2015 in the city of Marion, and in an effort to kick-start the program, businesses wanting a second Dumpster can lease one at half price.

The discount was unanimously approved at the Dec. 22 Marion City Council meeting.

City Administrator Roger Holter said the idea came from requests by business owners interested in recycling.

Citing an example, Holter said Casey?s General Store is a large producer of refuge, and a lot is recyclable.

?Currently, they pay $28.50 for their container,? he said. ?We would like to offer them $14.25 in addition to their first one.?

The recycling program goes into effect Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 8 and 9, Holter said.

Residents will have their normal household waste picked up Monday or Tuesdays like normal.

?On Thursdays and Fridays,? Holter added, ?residents can place recycling materials out for pickup. Recycling materials should be placed in the same location they normally place their refuse out.?

For instance, if someone?s trash pickup is on Monday and Thursday, then beginning Jan. 8, their trash will be picked up on Monday?s only and recycling will be on Thursdays only.

Margaret Wilson, a Marion resident, inquired about recycling materials being put in black plastic bags.

Holter explained that even if recycling material is bagged, it will not be picked up as part of recycling because there could be other things in that bag.

?It will go to the El Dorado landfill,? he said.

Wilson asked if there was a way to mandate people use clear pastic bags.

Residents get one free roll each year, he said, and after that, additional purchases are up to them.

?We cannot mandate (clear bags),? he said.

The city is wanting to move a lot out of the refuse stream and get it into the recycling stream, Holter added.

?We do not want to interfere with local businesses,? he said. ?This is strictly for larger Dumpsters not generally purchased but on a lease program.?

Councilor Chad Adkins said a lot of cardboard comes out of convenience stores and would be good for recycling.

Commercial businesses will have no change in their refuse pick-up schedule, Holter said.

?If they have a Dumpster that is emptied on Mondays and Thursdays, (the city) will still empty them on Monday and Thursday, the same for Monday, Wednesday and Friday pickups,? he said.

Recycling guidelines

According to information provided by the city of Marion, the following are guidelines for recycling:

? Recycling does not need to be separated into separate containers. All recycling can go in one box or container. No recyclable material may be bagged. It all has to be loose in the box or container. All separating is done at the recycling center.

? Materials that can be recyclable include paper products, such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper, file folders, books (hardback or paperback), paper napkins, newspaper inserts, junk mail and paper bags.

? Cardboard boxes, except for those used to place recycling out for pickup. Boxes must be broken down or flattened.

? Glass to include jars and bottles, automotive windshields, automotive window glass and household window glass are not permitted.

Not recyclable

Materials that cannot be recycled and will be left until the next normal refuse pick-up day include:

? Plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam, electronics, but they can be delivered to the transfer station where they are placed in a separate location from normal recycling.

? Ceramics and dishes, food products, motor oil containers, household hazardous waste, which can be taken to Marion County?s Hazardous Waste facility north of Main on Coble.

? Light bulbs, yard waste such as grass, limbs and leaves. Automotive windshield glass and automotive window glass, household window glass.

But with the exception of hazardous waste and yard waste, the above items can be placed with normal trash.

For more information, call the city office at 620-382-3703.

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