Making the most of no prom

While Goessel did not have their prom, a few of the girls still got dressed up and had some fun. Even though Goessel and Marion were both supposed to have their proms on Saturday, each was canceled due to COVID-19, and many students decided to still have some fun. Way to take a sad situation and make the best of it! Check out our website for more pictures.

Senior Elyse Boden, Goessel, poses for the camera during an evening full of “prom” fun.


Keeping it safe by socially distancing. From left: Lizzie Schmucker, Katelyn Olson and Elyse Boden of Goessel

Senior Katelyn Olson showed off her mad dabbing skills while all dressed up.


Sisters Bethany and Heidi Grimmett of Marion didn’t let the pandemic get in the way of celebrating prom. They dressed up, took pictures and partied at their home. Bethany would have been attending her senior prom on Saturday if it had not been canceled. Heidi is a sophomore and will hopefully have a few more proms in her future.


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