Local student gives back to community in cap, gown

Braxton Smith gives blood as part of his #capandgownchallenge.

Braxton Smith helps makes lunches for Centre Elementary for kids in the community as part of his #capandgownchallenge.

The class of 2020 is truly a special class. They were born during 9/11. They entered their childhood during the biggest terrorist attack on America and now they enter adulthood during a pandemic in the world. Their story has been ironic and completely unpredictable.

Braxton Smith, Senior at Centre High School, is ready to take control back into his own hands.

“Friends had beens sending each other pictures of them in their uniforms to each other and putting them on Instagram and stuff, so this kinda came from that in the aspect of a fun thing for people to do,” said Smith.

This is #capandchallenge which is a campaign that Smith started to get seniors or anyone to participate in acts of kindness in their community.

The idea fullycame to him when his cap gown arrived for graduation arrived and he was trying them on.

“It was right around April 20, right before the blood drive. I just decided I wanted to try to do 12 acts of service, and inspire other to do the same—any service to someone else or to themselves….something to be productive,” said Smith.

While Smith is hoping to inspire other to do more, the idea has already caught on.

“My mom heard about someone doing it in California,” Smith said. “I hope more will do it around here.”

Smith has done several acts already. He has given blood, mowed lawns for busy parents, helped prepare school lunches for the community at Centre, served snacks at a local nursing home where one of his grandparents live, and more. And all while wearing his cap and gown.

“I have done a lot of self-reflection while doing this. I am figuring out more about myself and what I want to do,” said Smith.

Part of his future plans include attending Tabor in the fall and majoring in business administration and and economics. He also plans to play football for Tabor.

Smith is hoping that other will jump in on his #capandgownchallenge and not let this time go to waste. If you are a senior and decide to join, in please post on the Hillsboro Press Facebook or on your own social media and use the hashtag #capandgownchallenge.

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