Youth projects take center stage at 86th fair

Courtesy photos by Rickey Roberts<p>The Meier sisters from the Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club took top honors in the market beef division at this year’s fair. Madeline  showed the grand champion steer.4-H BEEF


Grand champion: Devon Gaines (PA). Reserve champion: Charlie Peters (SC).

Age 14 and over: Devon Gaines (PA) blue/grand champion showman; Madeline Meier (GGG) blue/reserve champion; Payton Harms (HH) blue.

Age 11-13: Charlie Peters (SC) blue/champion; Morgan Gaines (PA) blue/reserve champion.

Age 7 to 10: Weston Gaines (PA) blue/champion junior showman; Ashley Peters (SC) blue/reserve champion junior showman; Avery Monnington (TTT) blue; Lane Smith (HH) blue; Ava Case (SC) blue.

The Meier sisters from the Goessel Goal Getters 4-H Club took top honors in the market beef division at this year’s fair. Emily showed the reserve grand champion.Market beef

Grand champion: Madeline Meier (GGG). Reserve grand champion: Emily Meier. Third overall: Avery Monnington (TTT).

Angus steer: Carly Dienes (TTT) blue/champion; Dylan Dienes (TTT) blue/reserve champion.

Simmental steer: Avery Monning­ton (TTT) blue/champion.

Crossbred steer: Madeline Meier (GGG) blue/champion; Ashley Peters (SC) blue/reserve champion; Mor­­gan Gaines (PA) blue; Ava Case (SC) blue.

Shorthorn: Emily Meier (GGG) blue/champion.

Maine Anjou steer: Morgan Gaines (PA) blue/champion.

Chianina steer: Charlie Peters (SC) blue/champion; Devon Gaines (PA) blue/reserve champion;

Maintainer steer: Weston Gaines (PA) blue/champion.The Harms brothers of the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club prevailed in the breeding beef division. Shown above is Payton with the supreme champion heifer. His brother, Cade, showed the reserve grand champion heifer.

Breeding beef

Supreme champion: Payton Harms (HH). Reserve grand champion: Cade Harms (HH). Third overall: Ashley Peters (SC).

Senior heifer calves: Avery Mon­nington (TTT) blue/cham­pion Hereford heifer, blue/champion Simmental heifer; Lane Smith (HH) blue/reserve cham­pion Red Angus heifer.

Summer yearling heifers: Weston Gaines (PA) blue/champion commercial heifer; Morgan Gaines (PA) blue/champion Hereford heifer; Hanne McDermott (TTT) red; Lane Smith (HH) red.

Senior yearling heifers: Cade Harms (HH) blue/champion Charolais heifer; Payton Harms (HH) blue/champion Red Angus heifer; Ashley Peters (SC) blue/champion chianina heifer; Devon Gaines (PA) blue/champion angus heifer; Devon Gaines (PA) blue/champion Charolais heifer; Emily Meier (GGG) blue/champion Maine-Anjou heifer; Madeline Meier (GGG) blue/champion Shorthorn heifer.

Bucket calf

Age 7-9: Sara Groening (HH) purple; Ava Case (SC) purple; Cade Gossen (PA) purple.

Age 10-12: Colton Gossen (PA) purple; Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple; Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) purple; Tan­ner Stuchlik (TTT) purple.



Grand champion: SaRae Roberts (SC). Reserve champion: Lisa Geis (TTT).

Age 14 and older: SaRae Roberts (SC) blue/grand champion senior showman; Lisa Geis (TTT) blue/re­serve grand champion senior showman; Zach Barney (TTT) blue; Corin Parmley (PA) blue.

Age 11-13: Cailey Barney (TTT) champion intermediate showman.

Landon Roberts (SC) blue/reserve champion intermediate showman; Katelyn Olson (GGG) red.

Age 7-10: Calleigh Soyez (HH) blue/champion junior showman. Sophie Coover (PA) blue/reserve champion junior showman; Leyton Coover (PA) red; Lane Svoboda (HH) blue; Wyatt Soyez (HH) red.SaRae Roberts of the South Cottonwood 4-H Club poses with her grand champion market lamb. Roberts also won the top prize in sheep showmanship.<p

Market lambs

Grand champion: SaRae Roberts (SC). Reserve grand champion: Lisa Geis (TTT). Third overall: SaRae Roberts (SC).

Dorset: Sophie Coover (PA) blue/champion.

Hampshire: SaRae Roberts (SC) blue/champion; Lane Svoboda (Marion FFA/HH) blue/reserve champion, blue; Landon Roberts (SC) blue, red; Cailey Barney (TTT) red; Leyton Coover (PA) red; Corin Parmley (PA) blue; Calleigh Soyez (HH) blue; Wyatt Soyez (HH) blue.

Speckle Face: Cailey Barney (TTT) blue/champion.Lisa Geis of the Tampa Triple T’s with her grand champion breeding ewe at this year’s fair; Geis also showed the reserve grand champion market lamb and was the runner-up in sheep showmanship.<p>

Crossbred: SaRae Roberts (SC) blue/champion; Lisa Geis (TTT) blue/reserve champion; Sophie Coover (PA) blue; Wyatt Soyez (HH) 2 blue.

Suffolk: Zach Barney (TTT) blue/champion.Lisa Geis of the Tampa Triple T’s showed the grand champion market lamb as well as the grand champion and reserve champion breeding doe.

Breeding sheep

Grand champion ewe: Lisa Geis (TTT)

Ewe lambs

Hampshire: Cailey Barney (TTT) blue; Leyton Coover (PA) blue;

Sophie Coover (PA) blue; Calleigh Soyez (HH) blue.

Dorset: Lisa Geis (TTT) blue; Kate­lyn Olson (GGG) blue.

Crossbred: Lisa Geis (TTT) blue/ champion; ach Barney (TTT) blue; Corin Parmley (PA) blue; SaRae Roberts (SC) blue; Wyatt Soyez (HH) blue; Lane Svoboda (HH) blue.

Yearling ewes

Hampshire: Cailey Barney (TTT) blue; Corin Parmley (PA) blue.



Grand champion: Charlie Peters (SC). Reserve grand champion: Mesa Merrell (SC).

Age 14 and older: Mesa Merrell (SC) blue/champion senior showman;

Corin Parmley (PA) blue/reserve champion senior showman; Lisa Geis (TTT) blue.

Age 11-13: Charlie Peters (SC) blue/champion; Morgan Gaines (PA) blue/reserve champion intermediate showman; Tanner Parks (PA) blue; Jack Parks (PA) blue.

Age 7-10: Ava Case (SC) blue/cham­pion junior goat showman;

Levi Olson (GGG) blue; Ashley Peters (SC) blue/reserve champion junior showman.

Market goats

Grand champion: Lisa Geis (TTT). Reserve grand champion: Mesa Merrell (SC).

Wether or doe: EV Cannon (GGG) blue; Ava Case (SC) blue; Morgan Gaines (PA) 2 blue; Lisa Geis (TTT) blue; Mesa Merrell (SC) blue; Levi Olson (GGG) blue; Jack Parks (PA) 3 blue; Tanner Parks (PA) 3 blue; Corin Parmley (PA) blue; Ashley Peters (SC) blue.


Grand champion breeding doe: Lisa Geis (TTT). Reserve grand champion breeding doe: Lisa Geis.

Commercial doe kid: Ava Case (SC) blue; Lisa Geis (TTT) 2 blue; Mesa Merrell (SC) blue; Levi Olson (GGG) blue; Jack Parks (PA) blue; Tanner Parks (PA) blue; Corin Parmley (PA) blue; Charlie Peters (SC) blue.

Aged doe: Levi Olson (GGG) blue.Philip Young of the Peabody Achievers poses with his supreme champion dairy goat



Grand champion: Benjamen Olson (GGG). Reserve grand champion: Alex Young (PA).

Age 14 and older: None.

Age 11-13: Benjamen Olson (GGG) blue/champion intermediate showman; Tanner Parks (PA) blue/reserve champion intermediate showman; Jack Parks (PA) blue; Philip Young (PA) blue.Hanne McDermott of the tampa Triple T’s showed the reserve grand champion at this year’s fair.

Age 7-10: Alex Young (PA) blue/cham­pion dairy showman. Hanne McDermott (TTT) blue/reserve champion junior showman.


Supreme champion: Philip Young (PA). Reserve grand champion: Hanne McDermott (TTT).

Recorded grades, senior doe: Philip Young (PA) blue/champion; Hanne McDer­mott (TTT) 3 blue, reserve champion; Alex Young (PA) blue.

Alpine, junior doe: Benjamen Olson (GGG) 5 blue; Jack Parks (PA) 2 blue; Alex Young (PA) blue.

Alpine, senior doe: Benjamen Olson (GGG) 3 blue, champion and reserve champion Alpine.

All other purebreeds, junior doe: Tanner Parks (PA) blue/champion AOP.

Nubian, senior doe: Philip Young (PA) blue/reserve champion.

Nubian, junior doe: Alex Young (PA) 2 blue, champion; Philip Young (PA) blue.


Dairy wether: Philip Young (PA) blue/grand champion; Benjamen Olson (GGG) blue/reserve grand champion; Hanne McDermott (TTT) blue; Alex Young (PA) blue.Corin Parmley of the Peabody Achievers showed the grand champion market hog at the Marion County Fair and also was the grand champion in swine showmanship.



Grand champion: Cody Parmley (PA). Reserve champion: Corin Parmley (PA).

Age 14 and older: Cody Parmley (PA) blue/champion; Corin Parmley (PA) blue/reserve champion; Zach Barney (TTT) blue; Jensen Riffel (TTT) blue; SaRae Roberts (SC).

Age 11-13: Landon Roberts (SC) blue/champion; Cailey Barney (TTT) blue/reserve champion; Jessenia Maciel (SC) blue.

Age 7-10: Tayle Black (PA) blue/ champion; Ava Case (SC) blue/reserve champion; Jay Depler (?) blue; Weston Gaines (PA) blue; Lane Smith (HH) blue; Lane Svoboda (HH) blue.

Market hogs

Grand champion: Corin Parmley (PA). Reserve grand champion: Landon Roberts (SC). Third overall: Cody Parmley (PA).

Duroc: Jessenia Maciel (SC) blue/champion; Ava Case (SC) blue.

Hampshire: Landon Roberts (SC) blue/champion.

Spotted Poland China: Lane Smith (HH) blue/champion; Lane Svoboda (HH) blue/reserve champion.

Crossbred: Cailey Barney (TTT) blue; Zach Barney (TTT) blue; Tayle Black (PA) blue; Ava Case (SC) blue; Jay Depler (PA) 2 blue; Devon Gaines (PA) blue; Weston Gaines (PA) 2 blue; Jessenia Maciel (SC) blue; Cody Parmley (HH) blue, blue champion, blue reserve champion; Jensen Riffel (TTT) blue/reserve champion, blue; Lane Smith (HH) blue.Tayle Black of the Peabody Achie­vers showed this year’s grand champion breeding gilt.

Breeding swine (Gilts)

Grand champion: Tayle Back (PA). Reserve champion: Lane Smith (HH). Third overall: Landon Roberts (SC).

Yorkshire: Tayle Black (PA) blue/ champion; Landon Roberts (SC) blue/reserve champion.

Crossbred: Lane Smith (HH) blue/champion; Tayle Black (PA) blue/reserve champion; Jessica Maciel (SC) blue; Jensen Riffel (TTT) blue.

Spotted Poland China: Ava Case (SC) blue/champion.

Duroc: Jensen Riffel (TTT) blue/champion; Cody Parmley (PA) blue/reserve champion.



Junior: Tristan Williams (HH) blue; Johnny Zieammermann (HH); Paige Ensey (HH) red; Kalea Craig (PA) white; Landry Duerksen (SC) red.

Novice: Morgan Gaines (PA) blue; Cadence Craig (PA) blue; Abree Ensey (HH) red.Ashley Peters of the South Cottonwood 40H Club showed this year’s grand champion horse in the halter class.


Grand champion: Ashley Peters.

Filly or mare 5 yrs and older: EV Cannon (GGG) red, blue; Kalea Craig (PA) blue; Landry Duerksen (SC) blue; Abree Ensey (HH) blue; Paige Ensey (HH) blue; Ashley Peters (SC) purple/champion stock type; Tristan Williams (HH) blue; Johnny Zieam­mermann (HH) 2 blue.

Gelding 5 yrs. or older: Landry Duerksen (SC) blue; Morgan Gaines (PA) red; Ashley Peters (SC) blue; Tristan Williams (HH) red; Johnny Zieammermann (HH) blue.


Walk trot: Landry Duerksen (SC) blue.

Western horsemanship, age 11-13: Tristan Williams (HH) red.

Western horsemanship, age 7-10: Kadence Craig (PA) blue; Kalea Craig (PA) blue; Landry Duerksen (SC) blue; Abree Ensey (HH) blue; Paige Ensey (HH) blue.

Western pleasure, age 11-13: Kalea Craig (PA) red; Tristan Williams (HH) blue;

Western pleasure, age 7-10: Cadence Craig (PA) blue; Abree Ensey (HH) blue; Paige Ensey (HH) blue;

Trail, age 11-13: Kalea Craig (PA) blue; Tristan Williams (HH) blue;

Trail, age 7-10: Cadence Craig (PA) red; Ashley Peters (SC) blue;

Trail, miniature horse: Tristan Williams (HH) blue; Johnny Zieam­mermann (HH) blue;

Barrel racing, age 11-13: Kalea Craig (PA) red; Tristan Williams (HH) blue.

Barrel racing, age 7-10: Ashley Peters (SC) purple; Cadence Craig (PA) blue; Landry Duerksen (SC) red; Paige Ensey (HH) red;

Pole bending, age 11-13: Kalea Craig (PA) blue;

Pole bending, age 7-10: Ashley Peters (SC) blue; Cadence Craig (PA) red;

Costume class: Johnny Zieam­mermann (HH) blue.


Champion: Mesa Merrell (SC). Reserve champion: SaRae Roberts (SC).Johnny Zieammermann presents his Mini Rex rabbit to the judge during the rabbit showmanship competition at the Marion County fair on Friday.




Standard breeds

Grand champion: Ashley Peters (SC). Reserve champion: Charlie Peters (SC).

Large fowl, young bird: Cailey Barney (TTT) white; Aubrey Craig (PA) 2 red; Cadence Craig (PA) red; Kalea Craig (PA) red; Benjamen Olson (GGG) red; Ashley Peters (SC) blue, red; Arthur Thornhill (HH) white, red; Caitlin Thorn­hill (HH) 3 red.

Large fowl, old bird: Cailey Barney (TTT) white, red; Paige Ensey (HH) 3 blue, 2 red, white; Benjamen Olson (GGG) 3 red; Alex Young (PA) 2 green.

Bantams, young bird: Cailey Barney (TTT) white; Cadence Craig (PA) 2 red.

Bantams, old bird: Aubrey Craig (PA) 2 red; Kalea Craig (PA) red.

Dual purpose hens: Cailey Barney (TTT) red.

Production pullets (pen of 3): Cadence Craig (PA) red; Kalea Craig (PA) red.

Production hens (pen of 3): Cailey Barney (TTT) red; Alex Young (PA) blue.

Ducks, Call or Bantam, either sex: Ashley Peters (SC) red; Charlie Peters (SC) blue.



Grand champion: Tristan Williams (HH).

Senior (age 13-14): Tristan Williams (HH) purple/champion.

Junior (11-12): Johnny Zieammer­mann (HH) blue/champion.

Novice (age 9-10): Paige Ensey (HH) purple.


Grand champion: Charlotte James (HH).

Senior buck: Kaitlyn Goebel (Marion FFA) 2 blue; Charlotte James (HH) blue; Ashley Peters (SC) blue; Tristan Williams (HH) white, 2 red; Bryant Young (PA) red.

Senior doe: Kaitlyn Goebel (Marion FFA) red; Tristan Williams (HH) blue/champion, 2 blue, 2 white; Johnny Zieammer­mann (HH) red, white.

Intermediate doe: Paige Ensey (HH) red; Charlotte James (HH) white.

Normal white fur: Tristan Williams (HH) red.

Normal colored fur: Tristan Williams (HH) blue, 3 red; Johnny Zieammer­mann (HH) red.

Colored rex fur: Tristan Williams (HH) 2 blue; Johnny Zieammer­mann (HH) blue.


Grand champion: Ellie Just (SC).


Small vegetable plate: Aubrey Craig (PA) purple; Kalea Craig (PA) blue; Weston Gaines (PA) blue; Ellie Just (SC) blue.

Medium vegetable plate: Cadence Craig (PA) purple; Kalea Craig (PA) purple; Eli Dalke (SC) blue; Emery Dalke (SC) blue; Weston Gaines (PA) red; Ellie Just (SC) blue.

Large vegetable plate: Weston Gaines (PA) blue.

Garden display: Alex Young (PA) purple; Bryant Young (PA) purple; Philip Young (PA) purple.

Small fruits: Aubrey Craig (PA) purple; Cadence Craig (PA) blue; Kalea Craig (PA) purple.

Grapes: Aubrey Craig (PA) purple; Cadence Craig (PA) purple; Kalea Craig (PA) purple.


Annual garden flower: Aubrey Craig (PA) purple, blue; Cadence Craig (PA) 2 blue; Kalea Craig (PA) purple, 2 blue; Charlotte James (HH) blue; Ellie Just (SC) 3 purple.

Perennial garden flower: Kalea Craig (PA) blue; Ellie Just (SC) purple, 2 blue.

Fresh flower arrangement: Cadence Craig (PA) purple; Ellie Just (SC) purple.

Fresh culinary herb: Ellie Just (SC) 2 reds.

Houseplants: Ellie Just (SC) blue.

Cactus garden: Aubrey Craig (PA) purple; Cadence Craig (PA) purple; Kalea Craig (PA) purple.


Furniture for household or lawn use: Reece Berens (TTT) purple/ champion; EV Cannon (GGG) red; Trey Gaddis (GGG) blue; Chevy Gag­non (GGG) blue; Tanner Stuchlik (TTT) blue/reserve champion.

Other woodwork: Blake Kaiser (LWA) red; Arthur Thornhill (HH) red; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) red.



DC electric projects: Benjamen Olson (GGG) blue/reserve champion; Luke Stucky (GGG) purple/champion.


Beginning I / Entomology collection: Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple/ champion.

Beginning II / Entomology notebook: Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple/ reserve champion.



Grant Bryant (GGG) champion exhibit.


Grand champion: Ellie Just (SC).

Color photo

3 years or less in project: Eli Dalke (SC) purple, 2 blue; Emery Dalke (SC) purple, 3 red; Jared Dyck (SC) blue; Chevy Gagnon (GGG) purple, 2 blue, 2 red; Grace Hein (SC) 2 purple, blue, 2 red; Landen Hein (SC) 3 purple, 2 red; Nora Hein (SC) purple, blue, 3 red; Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple, 2 blue, red; Madeline Meier (GGG) 4 blue; Hay­leigh Mendoza (LWA) purple, 3 blue, red; Benjamen Olson (GGG) 2 blue, 2 red; Levi Olson (GGG) purple, blue, red; Ashley Peters (SC) 4 blue; Anthony Rziha (TTT) 3 blue; Cecilia Rziha (TTT) 2 blue; Daniel Rziha (TTT) blue, red; Samantha Saunders (SC) 3 blue; Lane Watkins (HH) purple, 3 blue, red; Luke Watkins (HH) 2 blue 3 red.

4-7 years in project: Addie Berens (TTT) 3 purple, blue; Emily Casey (LWA) 2 blue, red; Rebecca Casey (LWA) blue, 2 red; Jessi Dalke (SC) purple, blue 2 red; Kelli Dyck (SC) 2 purple, 3 blue; Chevy Gagnon (GGG); Dustyn Gagnon (GGG) blue, 2 red; Morgan Gaines (PA) 3 purple, blue, red; Malorie Hein (SC) 2 purple, blue, 2 red; Trudy Hein (SC) 2 blue, 3 red; Ellie Just (SC) purple/champion, 3 blue; Rylie May (GGG) purple, 3 blue; Emily Meier (GGG) 2 purple, blue, red; Cassandra Meyer (HH) 2 blue, 2 red; Ciera Nolte (GGG) 2 blue, white; SaRae Roberts (SC) 2 purple, 3 blue.

8 years or more in project: Amanda Bartel (SC) purple, 3 blue, red.

Black & white photo

3 years or less in project: Eli Dalke (SC) red; Emery Dalke (SC) purple; Chevy Gagnon (GGG) 2 blue; Grace Hein (SC) blue; Madeline Meier (GGG) purple; Benjamen Olson (GGG) red; Samantha Saun­ders (SC) purple/reserve champion, blue.

4-7 years in project: Jessi Dalke (SC) purple/champion; Dustyn Gagnon (GGG) blue, red; Ellie Just (SC) purple; Rylie May (GGG) purple; Emily Meier (GGG) purple, blue; Cassandra Meyer (HH) blue; Ciera Nolte (GGG) blue..



Educational poster: Cade Gossen (GGG) red.

Poster from talk/demonstration: Landon Roberts (SC) blue.

4-H club secretary book: Morgan Gaines (PA) purple; Hayleigh Men­doza (LWA) red.

4-H DISPLAYS, Forestry, Wildlife, Shooting Sports, BOOTHS, BANNERS


Ellie Just (SC) blue; Cassandra Meyer (HH) purple.


Promotional poster: Henry Hein (SC) blue.

Shooting sports

Educational display: Hayleigh Mendoza (LWA) blue.


Individual/group: Emma Bartel (SC) blue; Johnny Zieammermann (HH) purple/champion.


Banner by local club: South Cottonwood purple/champion.


Rocket from kit

Age 7-8: Anthony Boden (GGG) blue; Jay Depler (PA) white.

Age 9-13: Keegan August (TTT) blue; Alyssa Boden (GGG) blue; Eli Boden (GGG) blue; Grant Bryant (GGG) purple; Olivia Carlson (LWA) purple; Colton Gossen (PA) blue; Blake Kaiser (LWA) blue; Levi Gossen (GGG) 2 red; Javin Schmidt (GGG) 2 purple; Tanner Stuchlik (TTT) purple/champion; Luke Stucky (GGG) purple/reserve champion.

Robot from kit

Novice: Eli Boden (GGG) purple; Arthur Thornhill (HH) blue; Larry Zieammermann (HH) red.

Intermediate: Alyssa Boden (GGG) purple.


Exhibit: Emma Bartel (SC) purple, blue, red; Anthony Boden (GGG) purple, 2 blue red; Logan Bryant (GGG) purple, 3 blue; EV Cannon (GGG) red; Micah Carlson (LWA) purple, 3 blue; Olivia Carlson (LWA) 2 purple/champion, blue; Reese Duerksen (SC) 3 blue, 1 red; Trey Gaddis (GGG) purple, 2 blue, red; Cade Gossen (PA) purple, 3 blue; Makayla Klingenberg (PA) 2 blue; Samuel Rziha (TTT) blue; Jaxson Salsbury (HH) purple, 2 blue; Cali Stucky (GGG) purple, 2 blue, red; Leah Teddler (LWA) 3 purple, blue; Kate Watkins (HH) purple, 2 blue.

Cloverbud project: Cale Gossen (PA) green; Kole Kroupa (TTT) green.

4-H FOOD-Nutrition


Age 7-8: Reese Duerksen (SC) purple, blue; Cade Gossen (PA) red; Nora Hein (SC) purple, blue; Daniel Rziha (TTT) 2 purple; Samuel Rziha (TTT) blue; Arthur Thornhill (HH) blue; Kate Watkins (HH) blue.

Age 9-11: Cambry Duerksen (GGG) 2 blue; Landry Duerksen (SC) 2 purples; Mia Duerksen (SC) 2 red; Maddison Gaddis (GGG) purple/champion, blue, red; Colton Gossen (PA) purple; Trudy Hein (SC) red; Hanne McDermott (TTT) 2 blue; Anthony Rziha (TTT) purple, blue; Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) blue, red; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) blue; Luke Watkins (HH) red; Alex Young (PA) 2 purple.

Age 12-14: Landon Roberts (SC) 3 blue, 1 red; Cailey Barney (TTT) purple, red; Addie Berens (TTT) 2 purple, blue; Elyse Boden (Goessel FFA) 2 purple; Dustyn Gagnon (GGG) purple, 2 blue, red; Morgan Gaines (PA) purple; Malorie Hein (SC) purple, red; Ellie Just (SC) purple, 2 blue, red; Cassandra Meyer (HH) 2 purple, 2 blue; Katelyn Olson (GGG) blue, red; Tristan Williams (HH) 2 purple, 2 blue; Philip Young (PA) purple, red.

Age 15-18: Cierra Nolte (GGG) red, 2 whites; Bryant Young (PA) red.

Other foods

Preservation, sweet spreads & syrups: Colton Gossen (PA) red; Ellie Just (SC) purple.

Preservation, Tomato products: Ellie Just (SC) purple.

Educational exhibit

Age 7-8: Clara Noeth (TTT) purple.

Age 12-14: Addie Berens (TTT) purple; Ellie Just (SC) blue.

Food gift package

Age 12-14: Ellie Just (SC) purple; Cassandra Meyer (HH) red.



First: Lincolnville Wide-Awake 4-H Club. Second: South Cottonwood 4-H Club. Third: Tampa Triple T’s 4-H Club.



Beginner (age 7-8): Trey Gaddis (GGG) purple, 4 blue, red.

Junior (age 9-11): Kegan August (TTT) purple; Olivia Carlson (LWA) 3 purple/champion, 5 blue; Madison Gaddis (GGG) purple, 4 red; Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple, 2 blue; Chance Penner (SC) blue; Samantha Saun­ders (SC) purple, 3 blue; Javin Schmidt (GGG) purple/reserve champion, blue; Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) purple, 3 blue; Luke Stucky (GGG) 3 blue; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) 2 blue.

Intermediate (age 12-13): Cecilia Rziha (TTT) blue, purple/reserve champion; Lane Watkins (HH) blue.

Senior (age 14-19): Rylie May (GGG) purple; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) 2 purple/champion, four blue; Katelyn Olson (GGG) red, blue, purple/champion.


Beginner (age 7-8): Trey Gaddis (GGG) blue; Nora Hein (SC) 2 purple/champion and reserve champion, 3 blue; Cierra Nolte (GGG) 3 blue.

Junior (age 9-11): Madison Gaddis (GGG) 2 blue; Trey Gaddis (GGG) purple; Grace Hein (SC) purple, 2 blue 2 red; Trudy Hein (SC) 3 purple, 3 blue; Chance Penner (SC) purple/champion; Samantha Saun­ders (SC) blue, purple/reserve champion; Javin Schmidt (GGG) 2 blue; Tanner Stuchlik (TTT) blue.

Intermediate (age 12-13): Cailey Barney (TTT) blue; Malorie Hein (SC) purple, 2 blue; Ellie Just (SC) 4 blue;.

Senior (age 14-19): Addie Berens (TTT) purple/champion, 3 blue.


Junior (age 9-11): Samantha Saunders (SC) red; Olivia Carlson (LWA) 2 blue.

Senior (age 14-19): Rebecca Casey (LWA) purple.


Beginner (age 7-8): Trey Gaddis (GGG) 3 purple, blue; Landen Hein (SC) 2 purple; Samuel Rziha (TTT) purple; Arthur Thornhill (HH) 3 purple; Kate Watkins (HH) 2 purple; Kate Watkins (HH) 2 purple.

Junior (age 9-11): Eli Boden (GGG) 3 purple, blue; Madison Gaddis (GGG) 2 purple; Colton Gossen (PA) purple; Karsen Kroupa (TTT) purple; Chance Penner (SC) purple, blue; Javin Schmidt (GGG) 2 purple; Luke Stucky (GGG) blue; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) purple.

Intermediate (age 12-13): Lane Watkins (HH) 2 purple/champion, blue; Johnny Zieammermann (HH) 3 purple.

Senior (age 14-19): Peyton Ensey (HH) 2 purple, blue.



Purchased clothing exhibit

Age 14-18: Addie Berens (TTT) 3 purple; Elyse Boden (GG) blue; Rylie May (GGG) blue; Cassandra Meyer (HH) blue; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) 3 purple; SaRae Roberts (SC) 2 purple, blue; Cierra Nolte (GGG) blue, purple.

Age 12-14: Renee Nolte (GGG) purple; Katelyn Olson (GGG) blue; Cecilia Rziha (TTT) blue.

Age 9-11: Trudy Hein (SC) blue; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) blue.

Age 7-8: Nora Hein (SC) purple; Clara Noeth (TTT) blue.

Constructed clothing exhibit

Age 12-14: Alyssa Boden (GGG) purple; Elyse Boden (GG) purple; Malorie Hein (SC) blue; Renee Nolte (GGG) red; Cecilia Rziha (TTT) 3 purple, blue;

Age 9-11: Cambry Duerksen (GGG) blue; Landry Duerksen purple/reserve champion; Mia Duerksen (SC) purple/champion; Trudy Hein (SC) blue; Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) purple, blue;

Age 7-8: Nora Hein (SC) blue; Clara Noeth (TTT) purple/champion;

Style revue

Constructed, age 14-18: Elyse Boden (GG) purple/champion.

Constructed, age 12-14: Alyssa Boden (GGG) blue; Renee Nolte (GGG) red; Cecilia Rziha (TTT) blue.

Constructed, age 9-11: Cambry Duerksen (GGG) red; Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) red; Caitlin Thornhill (HH) blue.

Constructed, age 7-8: Clara Noeth (TTT) blue.

Purchased, age 14-18: Addie Berens (TTT) purple/reserve champion; Elyse Boden (GG) blue; Rylie May (GGG) blue; Cassandra Meyer (HH) red; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) purple/champion; SaRae Roberts (SC) blue.

Purchased, age 12-14: Renee Nolte (GGG) purple/champion; Katelyn Olson (GGG) blue; Cecilia Rziha (TTT) blue.

Purchased, age 9-11: Trudy Hein (SC) blue.

Purchased, age 7-8: Nora Hein (SC) purple/champion; Clara Noeth (TTT) blue.

Educational exhibit

Age 12-14: Addie Berens (TTT) purple.

Purchased exhibit

Addie Berens (TTT) 2 purple, blue; Elyse Boden (GGG) purple, 2 blue; Anna Lubbers (PA) purple, 2 blue; Madeline Meier (GGG) 2 purple, blue; Cassandra Meyer (HH) purple, 2 blue; Elizabeth Meyer (HH) purple, 2 blue; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) purple, 2 blue; Katelyn Olson (GGG) purple, blue; SaRae Roberts (SC) purple, 2 blue; Amber Watson (SC) purple, blue.

Constructed style revue

Age 7-8: Alexandria Stuchlik (TTT) reserve champion.

Age 9-11: Alyssa Boden (GGG) champion.

Age 12-13: Elyse Boden (GGG) grand champion; Katelyn Olson (GGG) reserve champion.

Age 14-19: Amber Watson (SC) reserve grand champion.

Purchased style revue

Age 12-13: Katelyn Olson (GGG) grand champion; Anna Lubbers (PA) reserve champion; Addie Berens (TTT) purple; Elyse Boden (GGG) purple; Cassandra Meyer (HH) purple; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) purple; Madeline Meier (GGG) purple; Elizabeth Meyer (HH) reserve grand champion; SaRae Roberts (SC) purple; Amber Watson (SC) purple.

Educational exhibit

SaRae Roberts (SC) purple.

Recycled clothing project

Malorie Hein (SC) purple; Nora Hein (SC reserve champion; Trudy Hein (SC) purple, blue.



Pre-agility: Landry Duerksen (SC) purple; Weston Gaines (PA) white.

Agility 1: Devon Gaines (PA) purple/reserve champion; Mia Duerksen (SC) blue.

Agility 2: Morgan Gaines (PA) white; Rylie May (GGG) white.

Agility 3: Rylie May (GGG) purple/champion.


Junior showmanship (age 9-11): Landry Duerksen (SC) red; Mia Duerksen (SC) blue; Johnny Zieam­mermann (HH) purple/champion.

Intermediate showmanship (age 12-14): Devon Gaines (PA) purple/champion; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) blue.

Senior showmanship (age 15 and older): Morgan Gaines (PA) red/reserve champion; Rylie May (GGG) purple/champion; Hayleigh Mendoza (LWA) red.


Pre-novice A: Landry Duerksen (SC) white; Brooke Nafziger (GGG) white.

Pre-novice B: Mia Duerksen (SC) white; Johnny Zieammermann (HH) white;

Novice A: Brooke Nafziger (GGG) white.

Novice B: Rylie May (GGG) blue/ champion; Johnny Zieammer­mann (HH) white.

Graduate novice: Morgan Gaines (PA) white; Rylie May (GGG) red.The showmanship champion from each of the livestock divisions squared off Saturday evening to determine the top showman at the fair by presenting animals from each division, not just their own. The overall winner of the 2016 round-robin competition was Mesa Merrell of the South Cottonwood 4-H Club; the runner-up was South Cottonwood co-member SaRae Roberts.


Ag Challenge of Champions

Senior Division: 1. Devin Gaines, Peabody High School; 2. Elizabeth Meyer, Marion High School; 3. Zach Barney, Centre High School; 4. SaRae Roberts, Hillsboro High School; 5. Callyan Lacio, Hillsboro High School;

Junior Division: 1. Morgan Gaines, Peabody High School; 2. Cassie Meyer, Marion High School; 3. Jack Parks, Peabody High School.

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