Vet seeks home for wounded python

Cade MossCade Moses, a veterinarian at Spur Ridge Vet Hospital in Marion, recently acquired a 4-month-old wounded ball python, who is now well enough for adoption.

Moses said the snake was in need of care after it was slammed into a drawer and the owners couldn?t afford the care.

?I didn?t want to euthanize him for something I knew he could recover from,? he said.

Following minor surgery and TLC, Moses said, the snake is now eating well and ready for someone to take him home.

?These are easy animals to take care of,? he said. ?They feed once every 10 days and are overall really nice.?

Cade did caution that while these animals are gentle for the most part, they can get frightened when people move too fast or hold them to firmly.

?As a pet, they require routine interaction and most of the time, they are good about being handled,? he said.

One thing about the ball python is that they are little escape artists.

?When they are out of their cage, they need to be monitored,? he said. ?Younger children can take care of this type of snake, but Moses said he encourages adult supervision when a young person is handling the animal.

The snake is free to a good home, he said, but whoever does consider taking him will need a good enclosure set up, like an aquarium or cage with basic necessities like a heat lamp.

An adult ball python is usually between 3- to 4-feet long and is about as thick as a person?s wrist.

Moses said he would be happy to talk about proper cages, lighting, feeding and other details in raising the animal.

No stranger to snakes, Moses has one at home and had one through his high school years.

For more information, call him at 620-381-2100 or stop by the facility at 901 N. Industrial.

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