Residents challenged to give time as a gift


Diane Claassen describes to Stan Harder the kind of volunteer ideas that are available as ?presents? to the city this summer. Harder and Claassen are both on the 125th planning committee.

Hillsboro is having its 125th birthday party Friday, June 26, and everyone is invited for cake and ice cream, and to give a gift of volunteer time.

The city has created its own wish list. Individuals, businesses or other groups can help keep Hillsboro vibrant and strong in a number of ways.

?We are asking people to choose from the city?s wish list what they would want to do for their city,? said Diane Claassen, one of the committee members for Hillsboro?s 125th anniversary celebration.

Prior to the birthday party in June, Claassen will be visiting organizations, businesses and other settings to ask people to consider volunteering time or donating money toward the event.

?The wish list has 23 projects the city has put together it needs done,? she said.

Individuals are asked to take a pledge slip and write down what project they are interested in doing or contributing money toward.

?It is important that all of us work together,? Claassen said.

Some of the wish-list items require donations. Others are small but important parts in beautifying Hillsboro.

The library?s wish list, for example, contains chores such as shelf reading, light cleaning and dusting, processing new DVDs, cleaning DVDs, window washing, assembling new baby packets or glueing pockets into books.

Other projects need materials, which is what the Hillsboro Museums is requesting.

Those things include materials to extend an electrical line under the Schaeffler House from the southwest to the northeast side and help to create two outdoor electrical outlets on the northeast side of the porch. Also materials are needed to create outlets on the porch floor for footlights to light special events.

Other volunteer work at the Schaeffler House that might interest a volunteer would be materials to repair the windows at the carriage house and volunteers to do the installation.

Another volunteer project involves materials and someone to do the work to repair the original porch light and extend wiring to other areas of the porch and including lights for the east side stage area.

At the Peter Paul Loewen House, help is needed to move and repair the picket fence,plus a few other assignments officials have at the museum locations.

The city of Hillsboro also submitted its wish list, which includes painting street sign posts and crosswalks, picking up trash along U.S. Highway 56 near Alco, sifting trash out of the Peter Paul Loewen House ponds along the water?s edge or watering trees on a regular basis at the pond behind Alco.

?A job for every residence in Hillsboro is to sweep the street gutter in front of his or her house in preparation of presenting a clean Hillsboro for our 125th birthday celebration,? a city official said.

A few other tasks listed were painting city hall, raking gravel back into the play area at the park, replacing wood planks on a table at the Peter Paul Loewen House and washing the city?s fire trucks.

According to the committee, everyone can do something to help make the 125th birthday a success, whether it?s donating time or money.

The anniversary committee includes Brenda Coryea and Stan Harder as co-chairs, along with members Sue Wadkins, Claassen and Peggy Goertzen.

As a personal goal, Claassen said she wants to see her basket filled to the top with names of people willing to do a project.

For more information about the projects, call Claassen at 947-2222.

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