Number of Hillsboro business break-ins rises to 20

Four more businesses were burglarized between midnight and 4 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2, bringing the total number of break-ins to 20, but police are encouraged with some new developments.

Hillsboro Police Chief Dan Kinning said he is reluctant to say much at this time, but was optimistic about the investigation.

?We are pursuing all leads,? he said, ?and we do have more than one person of interest (in this case).?

The most recent crimes were committed at Hillsboro Engine Service, McMinn Bicycle Service, Concrete Products Inc. and Car Quest.

Although no money or products were reported stolen, the buildings were damaged.

At Hillsboro Engine Service, 404 Floral Dr., one or more burglars were able to gain access through a front window. Estimated damage, Kinning said, was $100.

For the second time in less than a week, McMinn Bicycle Service, 204 S. Cedar, was burglarized.

Kinning said entry was through a window that intruder(s) shattered. Damage to the window was about $50.

The first incident at the bicycle shop happened Nov. 25 with an estimated $100 in cash taken.

The same thing was true at The Lumberyard Inc., 101 N. Ash, which was burglarized twice in two weeks. The first time was on Nov. 16 and the second time was Nov. 21.

?The first time (at the Lum?ber?yard) a window was broken, but the second time, the back door was the entry point, Kinning said.

Damage to the door was estimated at $550, adding to the first break-in the cost to replace a window valued at $100, along with $135 taken in cash .

Concrete Products Inc., 209 N. Cedar, reportedly had a window in the front door busted out Dec. 2 resulting in $200 damage.

The intruder(s) also went through a window at CarQuest, 607 N. Ash, causing $200 in damage.

Kinning said the American Legion, 405 Floral Dr., across the street from Hillsboro Engine Service, had a broken window near the front door, but it appeared nobody went in.

Similar to the attempted burglary at American Legion, Rod?s Tire and Service Inc., had one of its windows broken out, Monday, Nov. 24, causing $100 damage, but again, there was no evidence of anything being disturbed.

Two businesses have also been burglarized twice?The Lumberyard Inc. on Nov. 24 and McMinn Bicycle Service Dec. 2.

The total amount of damage to primarily windows and doors is $3,400. The amount of cash stolen is estimated at about $400.

Twenty Hillsboro businesses were entered illegally from Oct. 17 through Dec. 2,

?It?s been many years since we have had a string of break-ins like these,? Kinning said.

As for one or more of the lawbreakers involved in this rash of burglaries, he said, when they are caught, they will be facing a lot of felony charges.

?We are taking this very seriously,? he said. ?Every time someone enters a building to commit a theft, a lot of felonies occur.?

Although Kinning said he has been getting leads from people in the community, everyone?s help continues to be important.

?If anyone sees or hears anything?even if someone thinks it?s only a small detail?please call,? he said.

If anyone sees suspicious behavior, Kinning urges them to call the police department, 620-947-3440.

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