Most races uncontested in April 3 local election

Only 10 of the 42 races across Marion County have more candidates on the ballot than available openings as the April 3 local election approaches.

Among the 12 cities in the county, Marion has the only contested mayoral race. It features incumbent Martin Tice and challenger Mary Olson.

Hillsboro is one of five cities that has a contested race for a city council seat. Shane Marler will be challenging incumbent Matt Hiebert for a chance to represent East Ward residents.

In the West Ward, Robert Watson is running unopposed for the seat currently held by Leonard Coryea, who did not file. Delores Dalke is running unopposed for her 13th term as mayor.

Meanwhile, Florence has two contested council seats, Burns has five candidates for three seats, Goessel has four candidates for three seats and Ramona has seven candidates for five seats.

At the other extreme, voters in neither Lost Springs nor Lehigh will have any names on the ballot for the five council positions and a mayoral seat open in both communities.

Meanwhile, in school-board elections, the Peabody-Burns district (USD 398) has two contested races and Centre (USD 397) has one.

Races for Hillsboro (USD 410), Marion-Florence (USD 408) and Goessel (USD 411) school-board positions are uncontested.

Following is a rundown of the candidates who will appear on ballots across the county.


City of Burns

  • Council (three seats): Brent D. Baker, Daniel S. Huls II; Patricia A. Nystrom; Susan A. Savage; Judith A. Steward


City of Durham

  • ?Mayor: Glennon Crowther
  • Council (five seats): Steven B. Miller; Verlin Sommerfeld; Michael Sorensen; Gary D. Unruh

City of Florence

  • ?Mayor: Gregory A. Winn
  • Council (Ward 1): Dorothy A. Cleverley, Daniel D. Ludwig
  • Council (Ward 2): Gary Nesser, Trayce E. Warner


City of Hillsboro

  • Mayor: Delores Dalke
  • ?Council (West/1st): Robert Watson
  • ?Council (East/2nd): Matthew O. Hiebert, Shane Marler


City of Goessel

  • ?Council (three seats): Duane D. Duerksen, Anton H. Epp, Ricky Freeman, James W. Wiens


City of Lehigh

  • ?Mayor: None
  • ?Council (five seats): None


City of Lincolnville

  • ?Council (three seats): Dawn Kaiser, Sherri Pankratz


City of Lost Springs

?Mayor: None

  • ?Council (five seats): None


City of Marion

  • ?Mayor: Mary Olson, Martin Tice


City of Peabody

  • Mayor: Edmond N. Slocombe
  • ?Council (three seats): Mitch Cunningham, Larry K. Larsen, Stephen Rose


City of Ramona

  • ?Mayor: Pat Wick
  • ?Council (five seats): Nathan Bailey, Jayme Linn Brunner, Jeanette Goza, Angel Harold, Edith ?Connie? Smith, Arthur E. Stroda, Kathy A. Werth

City of Tampa

  • ?Mayor: James Clemmer
  • ?Council (two seats): Willis Herbel, Timothy J. Svoboda


USD 397, Centre

  • ?Position 1: Jesse E. Brunner
  • ?Position 2: Mark Heiser
  • ?Position 3: Terry Dienes
  • ?Position 7: Kevin Hill, Steven G. Jirak

USD 398, Peabody-Burns

  • Position 1: Bruce Burke, Peggy Phillips
  • Position 2: Brian McDowell
  • Position 3: Gary Jones
  • ?Position 7: Gilbert Loewen, Anthony Zappone


USD 408, Marion-Florence

  • Position 1: Christopher Sprowls
  • Position 2: Kathy Meierhoff
  • Position 3: Ronald Kirkpatrick Jr.
  • Position 7: Sarah Cope


USD 410, Hillsboro-Durham-Lehigh

  • Position 1: Debra Geis
  • Position 2: Dale W. Klassen
  • Position 3: Mark Rooker
  • Position 7: Rod Koons


USD 411, Goessel

  • ?Position 1: Darla Meysing
  • ?Position 2: Maynard Knepp
  • ?Position 3: Dan Miller
  • Position 7: Mary Rosfeld
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