Marion Council OKs private C&D landfill

Rocky Hett, and his family, Monday received 5-0 approval from the Marion City Council for a commercial and demolition waste landfill on their land where the Martin Marietta Quarry sets north of the city.

The land was annexed several years ago by the City of Marion during attempts to have a municipal solid waste landfill placed there.

Roger Schwab reported the city?s zoning commission approved referring the C&D landfill conditional-use permit to the city council by a 6-0 vote.

He said the Marion County Commission must now approve the permit before it becomes operational under the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

That will be likely, Schwab said, because the county already has discussed paying for gravelling the road into the new landfill with the city responsible for perhaps a sixth of the cost.

Schwab said the C&D landfill is a ?great opportunity? for Marion, and is ?one of the safest things out there.?

Materials dumped from lumber to nails and shingles would be covered once a week with a foot of dirt. No burning would be allowed, he said.

Schwab said KDHE says there has been ?zero leakage? of any materials from C&D landfills in Kansas.

Schwab said there have been no objections to the landfill, only concerns for who would be its guarantor, and how it would be run.

At least for now, he said, it will be approved under Hett?s name.

Mayor Mary Olson moved to approve the landfill, and Councilor Bill Holdeman seconded the motion.

Marty Fredrickson, street superintendent, said during the first part of August, purification of water at the city plant using ammonia will stop, and only chlorine will be used to help clean ammonia-related residues from the system.

He said that during that time city residents may notice stronger chlorine smells, but ?the water will be safe to drink.?

Police Chief Josh Whitwell said he may modify his wish to ban smoking in city parks if smokers stay away from playground areas while smoking. He suggested there be a designated area for smoking.

Ty Zeiner, airport manager, reported that Cardie Oil Co., airport fuel supplier, has notified the airport board that it is required to have a containment vessel of some sort built for bulk fuel tanks.

One thing the board is likely to consider is an earthen berm for containment around the tanks.

The council set a condemnation hearing for property at 201 North Freeborn for 4:30 p.m. Aug. 25.

The council approved making final payment to Hett Construc?tion of $20,198 for work on the building to be used by Arlie?s Paint, Body & Glass in Batt Industrial Park after a report from Ralph Kreutziger that all inspection items were completed.

In a discussion of fireworks requested by Olson, Whitwell said there were few problems over the Fourth of July weekend, although the use of some wooden-frame illegal fireworks may have to be addressed as fire hazards.

The council members were most disturbed to hear that residues from illegals were found on rooftops and even on top of the Cooperative Grain & Supply elevator.

Olson said the fact that the Boy Scouts made $4,800 from their fireworks stand for activities made any annoyance from fireworks more tolerable.

Holdeman noted that in some cities, all fireworks are required to be shot in a central location, such as a ball field or park.

City Administrator David Mayfield said the ball park sounded like ?a great idea? to him.

The council discussed allowing firing of fireworks only from July 1 to July 4 next year.

The council passed an ordinance regulating building contractors changing a requirement for $100,000 in insurance to $250,000 because of the increasing costs of homes.

They passed a second ordinance requiring building contractors to have passed block tests for their specialties before being licensed to work in the city.

Fredrickson, as public building inspector, would be empowered to stop work by any contractor not licensed.

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