Latest bid lowers cost for fire repair to $76,000

The news keeps getting better about how much it will cost the city of Hillsboro to repair damage caused by an April fire in the former AMPI building it owns.

At its June 5 meeting, the Hillsboro City Council heard from Mayor Delores Dalke that Advance Catastrophe Tech?nology Inc., based in Wichita, had submitted a bid of $72,000 to cleanup the damaged area.

That compares to an initial bid of $440,000 from another Wichita-based firm, National Catastrophe Restoration Inc., received in mid-May.

The city also has received lower bids from three local contractors who do not specialize in fire restoration.

The ACT bid does not include an estimated $30,000 to repair roof damage.

The council did not take action on the issue at this meeting.

Three Hillsboro residents living along the 400 block of Floral Drive expressed their concerns about recent drainage problems in their neighborhood. Ronald R. Herbel and Jerry and Mary Schmidt said they have flooding problems anytime rainfall totals 2 inches or more.

Dalke noted that some of the problems stem from a decision of a previous council to approve the West Winds housing addition ?for political reasons? even though it did not meet city engineering requirements.

The council approved a recommendation to have some preliminary surveying done to see what strategies can be pursued that might reduce the problem.

In other matters, the council:

  • agreed to do the economic survey necessary to qualify for possible Community Develop?ment Block Grant funding assistance for enlarging the city fire station. The estimated cost of the survey, to be directed by Rose Mary Saunders of Ran?son Financial Consultants, was estimated to cost $2,500.

  • accepted the low bid of 4.67 percent interest from Bank of America to finance a bucket-truck lease over five years. Also submitting bids were Central National Bank at 5.28 percent, Intrust Bank of Hutchinson at 5.45 percent and Hillsboro State Bank at 5.75 percent with an additional $300 up-front fee.

  • approved paying three invoices related to the Adams Street renovation project: $90,318 for construction work done by APAC Kansas, $5,460 to Reiss & Goodness Engineers, and $657 to Ranson Financial Consultants.

  • heard an initial estimate from city engineer Bob Previtera that APAC Kansas had submitted a maximum estimate of $36,402 to hard-surface the now-gravel road that runs past the Hillsboro Family Aquatic Center off of D Street; action was deferred.

  • heard that Previtera will prepare a plan to repair a two-block stretch of North Ash, from about Third to First streets, and one block of Third Street north off if Ash.

  • approved paying $10,000 of the $20,000 the city has been holding back from Carrothers Construction for work done at the aquatic center. Carrothers had complied with a request to do some warranty work, but still has more to complete.

  • agreed to move ahead with the sale it had earlier approved earlier in principle with Tabor College for 40 acres of city-owned land south of the college?s current athletic fields. The far west parcel of the property will used by the college to develop a practice football field.

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