Kids consider cool careers


Maybe it?s never too early to start thinking about career options. Forget high school or college. Keli Chisholm?s preschool class at Hillsboro Elementary School is already exploring the opportunities.

January has been Career Month for the preschool class of 16 students. Community members representing at least 10 different professions have introduced the students to what their work life is like.

?You know, they just… they love it, they love being able to see that,? Chisholm said.

The first week of January consisted of a field trip to Rod?s Tire and Service.

?They (the students) have responded really well,? Chis?holm said. ?In fact, the next day here, one of our little boy?s mom said, ?He was carrying around this yellow rag in his back pocket and I couldn?t get what it was.?

?Well, Rod had told us they would always carry a grease rag in their back pocket when they work at the tire shop, so Jared (student) was a tire man that day and that was his grease rag.?

A firefighter visited the class the second week and spoke about what was perhaps the kids? favorite career.

?We talk a lot about (firefighting) and we have to do fire drills and we read lots of books about police officers and firefighters,? Chisholm said. ?That all seems really big to the kids.?

The firefighter got the students involved by enacting a mini rescue mission.

?He came in and brought his gear and put it on for the kids and put his mask on,? Chisholm said. ?One of our kids was in a fire and another one of our kids was his buddy and they went together.

?He kind of acted it out and they really, really liked that.

?We had two kids wear their firefighter costumes to school, because they were so excited about being a fireman.?

That same week they went to an eye doctor?s office and listened to him, as well as watched and visited with the two men who take their trash out from the classroom.

Chisholm mentioned that in their learning time, where the kids get to choose what they play, they have been acting out the professions they?ve gotten to see.

?They?ve been trashmen,? Chisholm said. ?And the trash truck pulls right up next to our window every day. So every day we?re at the window waving at the trashman, and they love it.

?They kind of know what time he comes and they look for him.?

Flo Rahn from Quilts and Quilt Racks came the third week and talked about sewing and quilting and helped the kids make their own hats.

In the same week, Norman and Connie Galle from the Hillsboro Animal Clinic and two dental hygienists also visited the class.

?I feel like it has been a great connection between the community and the preschool and the kids??to be able to draw on those experiences,? Chisholm said.

The plan for the last week of the month is to have Micah Ratzlaff, head coach of the Tabor College men?s basketball team work with the class.

Other preschool class visitors this week are to include a doctor and Anna Woods, an exercise instructor from Greenhaw Wellness Center.

?I?ve been very thankful for how well the community has been willing to show what they do and help our kids get that experience,? Chisholm said.

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