Hillsboro wants residents to remember trash changes

The City of Hillsboro has been working hard on making trash collection easier for all. They have also implemented a new recycling program that just started on Thursday.

In order for all to run smoothly, the city needs the help of the residents. Here are some tips for making the process work effectively.

For trash, remember to PLACE IT. Put your trash cart close to the curb the night before or by 7 a.m. On your designated day.

FACE IT. Face the cart toward with street with the lid fully closed. The handle, lid hinge and wheels should be facing the residence.

SPACE IT. Leave at least four feet of space between carts and also from other obstacles that could interfere with automated collection such as mailboxes, parked cars, trees and shrubs.

Do not place additional bags or other trash next to the carts.

For the recycling, find your location on the map to determine which days your recycling items are scheduled to be picked up.

The yellow and purple routes have both already been done for this month. The yellow route is pocked up on the second and fourth Thursday while the purple one is the second and fourth Fridays.

If you live in the brown route, your pick-up will be on the first and third Thursday; and teal routes (first and third Friday). July 18 and 19 will be the first day of the recycling pick-up for these routes.

On the months that there is a 5th Thursday/Friday, no recycling collection will be done on these days.

Here are a few reminders concerning the new program (these are the same as trash collection):

The recycling carts follow the same guidelines as the trash cart.

Several have asked about the recycling items in the bin. There are guides on the top of your cart. Clean out the items so there is no trash or residue. Simply place the items in the cart. Unlike the trash carts, items should not be bagged.

The current recycling center will remain open to accommodate recycling overages, recyclables too large to fit into cart, etc.

Hopefully you’ll find the new trash and recycling programs to be user friendly. If you have any questions, please give call and ask at City Hall (620-947-3162).

Right: This map shows the different routes and days for trash pick up.

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