Hillsboro needs help for recycling

The City of Hillsboro will soon be implementing different aspects of the new trash collection system. A new truck will arrive in the first part of April, and then the city we will deliver a new trash cart at no charge to each residential address.

The trash carts are green and are to be used for trash only. If you currently have a city-owned trash cart, the city will be collecting it. If, for some reason, they do not take away your existing/old cart, please do not use it for setting your trash at the curb because the collection truck will not be able to pick it up with its automated dumping arm.

Once the new cart arrives, start using it immediately. The city will continue to use the existing trash routes, so your trash day will remain the same for about another month. Sometime in May, the city will issue blue carts, at no charge, to each residential address for recycling.

While this means progress for Hillsboro, there will be a few bumps in the road as things change. The city is asking for patience as these changes happen.

“On our side, we are trying to automate things and save time on each stop so things have to flow. We are adding recycling so doubling our work but not our time as we move to a one-man truck instead of two men. But this benefits the community in that now we get curbside recycling. It’s gonna be a learning curve on our end and for everyone in town,” said city employee Dale Dalke.

More details on recycling and the new trash routes will be available from the city soon. When the city delivers the new cart, they will place the cart in a spot where they will be able to pick it up easily with the automated truck. They suggest that you continue to place the cart in the same spot or a similar place according to these guidelines:

1. Place your cart with the hinge side of the lid towards your house.

2. Do not overload the cart. Load ratings are posted on each cart.

3. Do not place your cart within 3 feet of any other objects such as mailboxes, fences, trees and shrubs or parked cars.

4. Do not park between the cart and the street.

5. Do not have long objects protruding above the cart. Keep trash within the cart with the lid fully closed.

6. Place carts out for pickup by 7:00 am.

7. The cart should be behind the curb (the house side of the curb). However, if the grade of the landscaping is too steep, the cart may be placed in the street next to the curb.

The city realizes that occasionally residents will have more trash than can fit in the cart–especially during holidays and other special events. They want to provide good service by picking up extra bags. Please set extra bagged trash next to the cart. Please dispose of construction and demolition items at the Marion County Transfer Station as they will not pick up these items.

For more information, see the flier in April’s city bill or call City Hall for details at 620-947-3162.

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