Hillsboro Library offering limited access

Beginning Monday, March 1, 2021, Hillsboro Public Library will again be allowing limited access inside the library for patrons. We will still offer “touchless” pickup for anyone who requests it. To request items, call 620-947-3827 or email hillsboropubliclib@gmail.com.
Doors will remain locked. Patrons will knock, then wait to be admitted.
Patrons are expected to wear a mask and follow CDC and KDHE guidelines for social distancing, while waiting and inside the library. Masks will be available for any who need one.
Patrons will be allowed in the library one at a time or one “family group” at a time. We are defining a family group as all those who reside in the same household.
Patrons will be allowed inside the library for 15 minutes MAXIMUM per visit.
During the visit, patrons may select items for checkout, use the computer for business/government/employment or official use, use our copy or printing services. Children will not be allowed to use the public computers at this time.
No fines at this time. Checkout times will be 2 to 8 weeks.