Hillsboro Fire Department awarded with another grant

The Hillsboro Fire Department received word this week that they received word this week that they were awarded a lifesaving equipment grant valued at $30,254.00 from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Fire Chief Ben Steketee applied for the grant.

“This is a need that we have had for quite a while. In fact a citizen had given us a donation a few months ago to go towards getting a rescue boat, but now the boat and more is covered thanks to this grant,” said Steketee. “ We are really blessed and Firehouse Subs is moving very quickly on this.”

Many readers may remember the story of the citizen, Harold Stultz and his wife who were rescued in June during all of the flooding. They donated $2000 for the purchase of a rescue boat. Steketee and another staff member were able to return that money to Stultz now that they no longer need it.

The below is a brief description of equipment and value from the grant:

◼ 1 – 14’2” inflatable boat valued at $3,694

◼ 1 – 12’6” inflatable boat valued at $3,230

◼ 2 – 30hp boat motors valued at $5,531 each

◼ 1 – double stack boat trailer valued at $9,550

◼ 1-9’10” self-bailing raft valued at $1,850

◼ Paddles and other accessories valued at $868

“The Hillsboro Fire Department would like to thank the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation for their generous donation to help the Hillsboro Fire Department keep Marion County safe, said Steketee.

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