Hillsboro Council gets feeling for new trash service

At their meeting on Tuesday, June 4, the Hillsboro City Council met David Lockwood, the new trash truck operator recently hired to drive the brand new one man truck the city has.

Lockwood and his wife come from Flagstaff, Arizona. They have family out here including grandchildren.

“There’s one granddaughter out of the eight grandchildren,” said Lockwood.

City Worker Dale Dalke talked about the new trash system and Lockwood’s role with it.

“He’s spending time right now really getting to know the town and all the intricacies of it. He’s doing good,” said Dalke. “We are learning as we go about dumpster sizes for business and how the new trash system works. Little by little, we’re getting better at it,” said Dalke.

New trash routes will start in a few weeks and then recycling will be added. The city will be sending out information on the new routes

Dale also stated that the current recycling area will remain even after the city starts picking up recycling for overflow and non-city residents. But there will be less dumpsters.

“What are the biggest issues that you are facing with using the new truck?” asked Mayor Lou Thurston.

“The biggest problem is all the little stuff sitting next to the cans and placing the cans in the right place. Right now I am stopping about every fifth can. Getting out and turn the can, move them away from telephone poles and other things,” said Lockwood. “I’m trying to put them back where I want them so people can make it a habit of putting them in the right place.

The earlier pick up times have been an issue as well.

“People aren’t used to having their trash out by 7 a.m. They might need to start doing it the night before,” said Dalke.

In other business:

◼ the committee voted to approve a solar grant agreement between Kansas Power Pool and the city of Hillsboro that allows for the credit of any generated electricity to be credited to the participants invoice in exchange for ongoing maintenance for electricity generated by solar.

◼ the Public Building Commission approved payment of bills for hospital legal services.

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