Goessel clean-up day set for Oct. 5

The Goessel City Council discussed plans for the fall city-wide garage sale and the subsequent clean-up day during its Sept. 16 meeting.

The garage sale was Saturday, Sept. 28, and the clean-up day is scheduled for the following Saturday, Oct. 5. A ?roll-off? Dump?ster will be available at the city building parking lot from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 5.

The service for extra trash pick-up that day will cost the city about $600. Someone will be available to assist residents at the Dump?ster. It will be for city residents only, not for people living outside the city limits.

Household hazardous waste will be accepted that day also, from 9-11 a.m. The hazardous waste collection will be available to anyone in the community, whether or not they live within the city.

The council has received some complaints about trash-truck noise. The regular commercial pickup seems to be early in the morning.

The council also discussed the matter of vandalism at the city park. Coun?cilor Larry Schmidt said he is glad kids use the park, and hopes they take care of it. However, he has noticed more vandalism at the park recently; therefore, he is hesitant to add new equipment at the park because of the risk.

Schmidt said trash cans have been tipped over, even when it was not windy. The water hydrant was left on. The tennis court lights are turned on when it seems no one is using the court.

The restrooms at the park have been vandalized three times recently and had to be hosed down to clean them. Toilets have been clogged with hedge apples. The restroom doors have been kicked in when they are locked.

As a result, public works director Karen Dalke plans to install plywood over the doors to close them off during the winter months.

Schmidt said the last people who rented the shelter house did an ?excellent job? and left it spotless.

Other business

In other business, the council:

? heard reports about theft of batteries and scrap metal.

? heard the police department had issued five verbal warnings for speed, one headlight warning, and one warning for driving left of center.

? voted, following an executive session, to hire Cindy Gaddis as a part-time assistant for public works. She will work a maximum of 16 hours per week. She will begin training to be a back-up water and sewer operator.

Dalke said it will take a year and a half to complete the required training classes. Gaddis also will help with mowing and other departmental responsibilities.

? heard Schmidt report that large jugs of oil are showing up in the recycling bins, as are plastic bags. Neither are allowed.

Council member Jim Wiens said the last load of recycling weighed 1.7 tons.

? discussed the sewer system at the Harvest Meadow development. Mayor Dave Schrag said the system is not looped there because the development was intended as a three-phase project. However, only one lot has been sold there.

Therefore, the project has not progressed as originally planned.

? heard that the Goessel Community Foundation is planning a drawing on Oct. 25 for a football autographed by Alex Smith, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Lynn Schmidt, formerly of Goessel, donated the football.

? discussed concrete sidewalks. City Clerk Anita Goertzen said sidewalks are the responsibility of the land?owner. Councilor Dean Snelling had noticed a hole in the sidewalk near a residence. He said grass is growing there, which makes it difficult to notice the hole. He is concerned about safety.

? discussed sewer pipe plans at the high school. The council reviewed an agreement with the school that states the school is responsible for ?rehabbing? or replacing sewer lines under the building or redoing taps.

The school would be responsible for emergency cleaning beyond the ability of the city?s equipment. The school would pay for an outside resource to clean out the sewer line that cannot be reached by city equipment.

? heard that Dalke plans to trim trees soon; they briefly discussed trees just outside city property.

? heard that Dalke had made copies of the city?s equipment and maintenance logs for the council to view.

? discussed ditch maintenance within the city. Councilor Jim Wiens suggested cleaning the ditches every year and perhaps hiring someone for that task. Goertzen reminded the council no one uses city equipment unless that person is a city employee.

Dalke said a transit would be helpful for cleaning ditches. Goertzen suggested that a skid steer loader would also be helpful.

Dalke cleans a different section of ditches each year. She recently has cleaned ditches along Buller and Church streets.

? heard that Goertzen plans to attend the Kansas Municipal Utilities Account?ing meetings in September and a KPERS workshop Sept. 24.

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