Former Kansas guvs unite for ‘fair and impartial courts’

Four former Kansas governors boarded a bus last week to raise awareness for fair and impartial courts in Kansas.

The governors are responding to a series of unprecedented political attacks on the courts. They are announcing their support for the retention of the five justices to the Kansas Supreme Court at three news conferences, highlighting the need to keep politicians out of the courts.

The bipartisan coalition of former governors includes Republicans Bill Graves and Mike Hayden and Democrats Kathleen Sebelius and John Carlin. Governor Mark Parkinson supports the effort to retain the justices but was unable to join the tour.

The governors intend to defend the state’s judicial system because of their shared belief that Kansas courts must remain fair and impartial so that the rule of law and the constitutional rights of every Kansan are protected.

The governors agree that retention of the five justices to the Kansas Supreme Court is the most important state issue on voters’ ballots this November, and they want to encourage every Kansan to complete their ballot and vote yes to retain Kansas judges and justices.

“As former governors we understand the unique roles of the three branches of government,” Graves said. “We may not have always agreed with them, but we respected that the judicial branch is a non-political branch accountable to the constitution. The courts provide a critical check and balance on the other two branches and we want to keep this constitutional balance.”

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