Filing dealine approaching for county’s local elections

The filing deadline for candidates running in 2009 local elections is noon Tuesday, Jan. 27. The April 7 ballots will include city council and school board positions.

This year, every city, with the exceptions of Marion and Tampa, will hold elections for city mayor as well as council members. The school board elections will be for position numbers 4, 5 and 6.

Following is a city-by-city summary of the positions to be decided.


The two-year mayor position currently held by Mary Glenn will be on the ballot as well as treasurer and five council members; each position is a two-year term.

Current members include: Mark Brunhoeber (president), Thomas D. Grimwood (treasurer), Fritzie Hatfield, Brent D. Baker, Judith Steward and Patricia A. Nystrom.


The ballot will include the position of mayor, currently held by Glennon Crowther, and five council members.

Currently, four people serve on the council: Gary D. Unruh, Verlin Sommerfeld, Steven B. Miller and Michael Sorensen. The fifth council member position is vacant. All are two-year term positions.


Voters will select a mayor, a two-year position currently held by Gregory A. Winn, and two council members, which are four-year terms.

The member from Ward I now held by Randy Mills is up, as is the member from Ward II held by Bryan Harper.


The four-year mayor position and two council positions, also four-year terms, are open in Goessel. The current mayor is Peggy Jay and the expiring council member terms whose terms are those held by Larry Schmidt and Larry Linderman.


Hillsboro has three positions available including mayor, a two-year term held by Delores Dalke, and two council members, also two-year terms. The latter include the seat from Ward I (West) held by Robert L. Watson and the one from Ward II (East) held by Shane Marler.


Each of the positions in Lehigh are for two-year terms. They include mayor, held by Mike Geiman, and five council member positions held by Todd Jost, Eldon Kaiser, Brad Dies, Fred Sheridan and John Masson.


Lincoln?ville will elect the four-year positions of mayor, now held by John Scott Gutch, and two council members now held by Sylvia M. Bailey and Evelyn D. Matz.


In Lost Springs, elections will be for the two-year positions of mayor and five council members. Mayor Steve Seifert resigned last June.

The current council members are Frank Wirtz, Cyndy Morton, Joe Alvarez, Blaine Gehrke and Angie Seifert.


Peabody will vote on the positions of mayor, a two-year term, and two council members, which are four-year terms. The current mayor is Edmond N. Slocombe and the council members whose terms are up are Delbert Mellott and Tim Peterson.


Ramona has five positions opening. All are for two-year terms and include mayor, currently Patricia M. Wick, and council members Angel Harold, Jeanette Goza, Arthur E. Stroda, Kathy A. Werth and Jayme Linn Brunner.


Tampa voters will vote on three council members to hold four-year terms. The current members are Don Zaidemon, Paul Backhus and Wilbert Backhus.

School districts

USD 408.

The Marion-Florence district has positions 4, 5 and 6 available, as do the other districts in the county. Currently, the three positions are held by Keith Collett, Jan Helmer and Lyle K. Leppke.

USD 398.

The Peabody-Burns board has the positions available currently held by Duke Eldridge, Julia Kay Ensminger and Rhonda D. Loucks.

USD 387.

Those now holding the positions opening in the Centre school district are Jennifer M. Kassebaum, Brent G. Methvin and Julie Klenda.

USD 410.

The Hillsboro-Durham-Lehigh school district is in the middle of a transition in terms of board representation.

Patrons approved a plan in the November general election that changes the representation scheme from six districts with one member each, plus one at-large member (seven total), to three districts with two members each, plus one at-large member (seven total).

Two of the three positions open this spring come from the area that essentially includes the western half of Hillsboro.

The seats are now held by Brent Barkman and Eddie Weber.

The third position, now held by Gary Andrews, is from the area that is essentially the eastern half of Hillsboro.

All three candidates can be re-elected.

The second seat from the east area of Hillsboro, plus the two seats from the ?beyond Hillsboro? area of the district, plus the at-large seat, will be decided in future elections.

USD 411.

Goessel?s school district has openings occupied by Lynette Duerk?sen, DeWayne Voth and Lynel Unrau.


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