Dahl joins House leaders in letter to AG about Tiller

Kansas House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tem Don Dahl (R-Hillsboro)
released a letter Friday that was sent to Attorney General Paul
Morrison earlier this week.

The letter asked the attorney general to act to ensure charges
filed by previous Attorney General Phill Kline against physician George
Tiller are heard by a jury.

?Members of the Kansas Legislature have been inundated with telephone
calls, petitions, letters and e-mails from Kansans across the state,
asking that we direct the attorney general to proceed with the criminal
case against Dr. Tiller,? Dahl said.

?I am very disappointed in the lack of action by the state?s chief
law enforcement officer regarding the issues addressed in our letter.?

Dahl stated that two district court judges have found probable cause
that serious offenses have been committed at the Women?s Health Care
Services. P.A. in Wichita by Tiller.

In State v. Bockert, a probable cause determination is defined as
?reasonable ground of suspicion, supported by circumstances
sufficiently strong in themselves to warrant a cautious person to
believe that the accused is guilty of the offense with which he or she
is charged.?

?It is very disappointing that to date, we have received no reply
from the attorney general and that his office has not taken any legal
action against Dr. Tiller,? Dahl said.

?If serious crimes are to be ignored, Kansas will soon become a lawless society.

?To dispel the growing perception that the chief law enforcement
officer of the State of Kansas is ignoring the obvious criminal
activity in the case of Dr. George Tiller and so that the interests of
justice may be served, the attorney general must ensure that charges
against Dr. Tiller are heard by a jury.?

The letter sent to Morrison also was signed by Dahl, Speaker Melvin
Neufeld (R-Ingalls) and Majority Leader Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell).


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