Candidates file for local elections

Hillsboro voters will see competitive races for both of the open city councils seats as the April 7 local election nears.

By the Jan. 27 filing deadline, a challenger had filed to take on the incumbent council member for the seat open in the West Ward and the one open in the East Ward.

In the West Ward, incumbent Bob Watson and challenger Dan Suderman have filed. In the East Ward, incumbent Shane Marler will face challenger Kevin Suderman.

Meanwhile, Mayor Dalke filed for her 14th term as mayor and will be running unopposed.

Across Marion County, participation in city elections covered the spectrum of interest.

In the small community of Ramona in northern Marion County, two people filed for mayor and eight people filed for the five openings on the city council.

Meanhile, no one filed for mayor or for one of the five open council seats at Lehigh. Also, no one filed for mayor or the two open council seats in Lincol?nville.

Marion is the only community in the county that will not have a local city election this spring.

In the county?s five school districts, at least one person has filed for every open seat except two, including the Position 4 seat in USD 410 currently occupied by Dale Klassen.

Following are the names of candidates who filed by the Jan. 27 deadline?first for city offices and then for school board. An asterisk (*) indicates an incumbent.

city government

n BURNS (mayor and two council seats): Mark Brunhoeber for mayor; *Daryl P. ?Fritzie? Hatfield and Les Loucks for council.

n DURHAM (mayor, five council seats): Michael Sorensen, mayor; *Verlin Sommerfeld, *Gary Unruh and Tom Harmon for council.

n FLORENCE (mayor, two council seats): Gregory Winn and Mary L. Shipman for mayor; Randy V. Mills for Ward 1, Edwin H. Robinson for Ward 2, council.

n GOESSEL (mayor and two council seats): *Peggy Jay for mayor; *Larry D. Schmidt, Jerry Stika, Dallas Boese and *Larry C. Lindeman for council.

n HILLSBORO (mayor, two city council seats): *Delores Dalke for mayor; *Robert L. Watson and Dan Suderman for Ward 1 (West), and *Shane Marler and Kevin Suderman for Ward 2 (East).

n LEHIGH (mayor, five council seats): No candidates.

n LINCOLNVILLE (mayor, two council seats): No candidates.

n LOST SPRINGS (mayor, five council seats): No candidates for mayor; Connie Jenkins, Joseph A. Zinn and Tish Keesling for council.

n PEABODY (mayor, two council): Larry K. Larsen for mayor; Tom Schmidt, Leslie LaFoy and Janice Woodruff for council.

n RAMONA (mayor, five council): *Patricia M. Wick and Brendan D. Bailey for mayor; *Kelly A. Matkins, Byron North, Billy E. Alcorn, James Thomp?son, Nathen A. Bailey, *Jeanette ?Jeannie? Lea Goza, *Jayme Brunner and *Arthur E. Stroda for council.

n TAMPA (three council seats): *Paul H. Backhus and *Wilbert E. Backhus.


n USD 397 (Centre): No one for Pos. 4; *Brent Methvin for Pos. 5; Jeff D. Bina for Pos. 6.

n USD 398 (Peabody-Burns): *Terril L. Eberhard for Pos. 2; Barry Peter for Pos. 4; *Julia Ensmingr for Pos. 5; William J. Spangler and *Rhonda Loucks for Pos. 6.

n USD 408 (Marion-Florence): *Keith Collet for Pos. 4; *Jan Helmer for Pos. 5; *Lyle K. Leppke and Gary Alleven for Pos. 6.

n USD 410 (Hillsboro-Dur?ham-Lehigh): No one for Pos. 4; *Gary Andrews for Pos. 5; *Eddie Webber for Pos. 6.

n USD 411 (Goessel): *Lynette Duerksen for Pos. 4; Paula Flaming and Kelly Bonton for Pos. 5; James B. Wiens for Pos. 6.

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