Can you ace this bicycle safety quiz?

How well do you know the rules of the road for bicycles and motor vehicles? Answer the following questions True or False. For ANSWERS click read more.

1. When turning left onto a four-lane street, a bicyclist should cross the middle line and proceeded immediately into the far right lane nearest the curb. True or False

2. Bicyclists have a legal right to ride two abreast within the right-hand traffic lane. True or False?

3. Bicyclists are required to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, just like motor vehicles. True or False

4. Bicyclists must yield to all pedestrians (for example, stop or slow down when pedestrians are crossing the street at an intersection.) True or False

5. Bicyclists should ride facing traffic (left lane), just as pedestrians are required to do. True or False

6. Motorists are required to move all the way over into the left lane when passing bicyclists?even if it is a lone bicyclist who is riding near the curb or edge of the roadway. True or False

7. When oncoming traffic makes moving fully into the left lane unsafe, a motorist must slow down or stop until traffic clears before passing a bicyclist on the street or a country roadway. True or False

8. Because traffic is heavier in the business district of Main Street, young bicyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalk. True or False

9. Bicyclists must stop from either direction for a stopped school bus. True or False

10. Bicyclist must pull over and stop for emergency vehicles that have sirens and lights on. True or False

For a complete guide to bicycle safety, pick up a copy of the ?Safe Cycling? brochure at the Hillsboro Police Department.


1. True. This is one of the few variations from the traffic law that applies to motor vehicles. Proceeding to the far right lane immediately is safer and less likely to impede traffic flow. The safest way to cross, however, is to walk the bike across the street and then remount.

2. True. Bicyclists can legally ride two abreast?but not more than two.?

3. True. Bicyclists who fail to come to a complete stop can be issued a citation.

4. True. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

5. False. Bicyclists should always ride with the flow of traffic (right lane).

6. True. Moving over half a lane, or just enough to squeeze by, is unsafe and illegal.

7. True. A bicyclist has just as much right to a full lane of traffic as a motor vehicle.

8. False. Bicyclists of all ages should ride on the street at all times. Police Chief Kinning said the rule is enforced downtown, but the department is more lenient in other areas of town as long as bicyclists ride safely and give pedestrians the right of way.

9. True. If the lights are flashing, bicycles andmust stop until the flashing stops and the bus proceeds?just like motor vehicles.

10. True. Bicyclists should pull over as far right as possible, as safety allows, and come to a complete stop until the emergency vehicle passes.

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