Local doctors provide state-of-the-art eye care

Image Dr. Mark Abrahams

Staff Amelia Breugem and Dr. Mark Abrahams work with some of the glasses that they offer on site in the Hillsboro Legacy Eyecare office.




Legacy Eyecare is exactly what it sounds like: eye care that has carried a legacy with it.

Part of the practice, first called Grene Vision and then later Mid Kansas Eyecare, started out in Hillsboro with Dr. Norman E. Abrahams (pronounced “Abrams”), who practiced optometry in Hillsboro from 1949 to 1991. Toward the end of his practice, he brought on Dr. Paul Unruh, who lived and raised his family in Hillsboro. They worked together for several years before Dr. Abrahams retired.

Eventually, Dr. Unruh expanded the practice and also opened up a branch in Hesston. His son, Dr. Zach Unruh, joined the practice, and they worked side by side for several years. Zach decided to return for more schooling in order to be an eye surgeon. At that time two and a half years ago, Dr. Mark Abrahams, grandson of Dr. Norman Abrahams as well as a distant relative of the Unruhs, joined the practice.

Mark had already been working at a practice in McPherson called Legacy Eyecare since 2015, which he took over for Dr. Robert Arnold, who retired that same year. Mark wanted to return to branch out and practice in both places, especially since his grandfather practiced in Hillsboro for so many years.

After several years of working at both locations, the two doctors, along with a third one who works with them in the Hesston and McPherson offices, Dr. Jessica Unruh, have decided to combine all three offices under one name, which is a nod to Mark’s grandfather: Legacy Eyecare.

“None of the doctors are changing, and none of the staff is changing. We are just doing this to stay independent, which will also allow us to take some insurances that we couldn’t take before. This also allowed Dr. Paul and I to make a more formal partnership,” said Dr. Mark Abrahams. “We encourage any area businesses to talk to us about insurances. We want to make sure that we are on the networks that the local businesses are taking.”

This should help make it easier for patients and for the businesses.

“We are excited to have the three businesses working together more seamlessly. All of the offices are interchangeable. We are working on getting electronic records and billing that are all unified so one can go to any of them. And if people order glasses at one location, we can bring them glasses from another location,” Abrahams said.

One fact that many may not know is that the practice is equipped for any issue.

“We really want to work going forward with any eye emergencies. We basically operate like an urgent care clinic. They don’t have to go to a different doctor to be seen. We work sooner with local businesses if people get something in their eye with workman’s comp or with local doctors with diabetes care. We are the only eye practice in the whole county, so we want to work hard with people in the county to help. We have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment. People won’t get any better service if they go to Wichita. That has always been very important for Dr. Unruh, so we are very ahead of the curve,” Abrahams said.

“We try to keep up to date and provide the best eye care that we can,” Paul said. “We have full-scope care and a surgeon that comes here once a month. Older people do not want to go to Wichita and other places when they need care.”

Another exciting fact is that the Hesston office recently purchased a lens cutter, which means they will be able to cut some of their own lenses, allowing for faster service.

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