Hillsboro plans recycle experiment

City will provide curbside recycling the week of April 27 through May 1.

The city of Hillsboro will be picking up recyclable curbside as an ?experimental week? April 27 through May 1.

Residents are encouraged on their normal trash day to set out mixed recyclables by 8 a.m. in a separate cardboard box or plastic tote.

?Please do not put them recyclables in trash bags as they need to be loose and visible,? said Dale Dalke, city street supervisor, who is coordinating the experiment.

Acceptable recyclables include glass jars, aluminum cans, tin cans, No. 1 and No. 7 plastic, books, junk mail, flattened cardboard, magazines, newspapers and office paper.

These items do not have to be separated into like materials.

Items not acceptable for recycling include Styrofoam, electronics, ceramics or dishes, foul waste, household hazardous waste, light bulbs, window glass, mirrors and yard waste or trash.

Mixed recyclables will continue to be accepted 24/7 at the Hillsboro Recycle Center at 100 S. Birch St. after this one week of experimental curbside pick-up.

Dalke said recycling has economic benefits for residents.

Hillsboroans produced more than 4 million pounds of trash in 2014 compared to 108 tons of recyclables that were dropped off at the recycling center.

Hillsboro pays about $27,000 each year for the recyclables to be hauled away.

Hillsboro hauls its trash to the county transfer station in Marion. From there, Marion County hauls it to a landfill in Butler County at a cost of $36 per ton plus $8.51 per ton for hauling.

Meanwhile, Marion County receives $30 to $33 per ton for recyclables through Waste Connections in Hutchinson.

In total, the county receives 34 tons of recyclables per month.

?You don?t have to be a green tree-hugger-type to recycle,? Dalke said. ?It only makes sense to have products made out of waste instead of filling up more landfills with our trash.

?And it?s becoming more and more economical all the time,? he added. ?why wouldn?t we recycle and actually get paid for the commodity instead of having to pay to bury it??

Dalke encourages parents to get their kids involved in the household effort.

?It can actually be fun,? he said.


A few tips for recyclers

Dale Dalke offered the following tips regarding local recycling.

? Rings and lids do not need to be removed from a plastic drink bottles. Recyclers actually prefer the lid to be screwed onto the bottle so it makes it through the single-stream separation process of sifting as opposed to it falling through and into waste in the sifter.

? Water bottles actually are made back into water bottles.

? Pizza boxes are recyclable.

? Dry-cleaning bags are recyclable.

? Start small, don?t overthink recycling and make it complicated. Start with only paper or milk jugs, then progressively do more down the road.

? Give your garbage another life.

? In your homes, put the recycle bin right next to the trash container to make it convenient to recycle.

? Recyclable food containers do not need to be rinsed out; they only need to be emptied.

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