Hillsboro Healthcare Clinic now official in time for expansion

Last Tuesday, Sept. 15, the Hillsboro Healthcare Clinic had its official ribbon cutting. While the clinic has been open for months now, it has been growing and expanding making now a more appropriate time to become an official business.

The clinic is a part of Herington Hospital.

Herington Hospital CFO and Director of Medical Staff Bryan Coffey was present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and spoke about some of the new expansions the clinic is doing. He also gave some background on the clinic.

“We’re just glad to be official here in Hillsboro. We bought it for Dr. Erb and provide it for Dr. Erb so he could see his patients here. I see it too often as a CFO where companies come in and they don’t reinvest. They just pull funds out, and I would rather pull funds out of Washington and put them here. That’s what we did with the new expansion we are working on,” said Coffey.

The group originally bought the 2,000 square foot building and they thought that it would be enough, but it wasn’t. So they bought the Kessler Kreations building and then Jonathan Maxfield’s building where Bartel Insurance was located.

“They share a common roof and now we can take the Maxfield building and turn it into 2,000 feet of rehabilitation therapy which is not currently available in this county. We have doctors and we are getting even more doctors into the community,” said Coffey.

He explained that his goal is to keep things local as much as he can.

When the architects designed it, they said we have all these companies that can bid on it. I said that I wanted to use the same local people we did with the first part of the clinic. They told me the big companies will sub out. I heard the bids, but then I still went to Anthony Wiebe, Merle Flaming and other local people. As we expand, we will bring more local people in,” said Coffey.

And the people they bring in that aren’t local will become local if all goes right.

“Part of the requirements for doctors coming on board is they have to buy or build a home in the community in which they serve. That’s the best way to plant them and see if the roots take hold. The five doctors that we have signed are all focused on rural medicine,” said Coffey. “A doctor starting in November has done OB services and he is going to focus on that here and in Herrington and on family medicine.

Some of the money for these services is coming from COVID funds that have become available.

Coffey shared that he was able to get 3.6 million in COVID and he took 2 million of it and put it into a local Hillsboro bank.

“That’s the seed money to help Hillsboro. That isn’t money to help Herington but it’s for Hillsboro,” said Coffey.

Dr. Gregory Erb, who was previously with Hillsboro Community Hospital is the first doctor the clinic signed.

“I’m just happy to be able to remain in the area especially since that is why I signed on with them. I wanted to stay with my patients and I have been able to do that. I have a passion for caring for this community,” said Erb. “I’m excited that they are able to expand the clinic and provide more services as well as revitalize some of the downtown area.”

Construction has already begun on the Kessler building.

Maxfield is busy getting his building cleared out so the construction can get going on his building. He has already moved over next door to an empty portion of the Free Press building. He plans to have the rest of his building emptied out by the end of October.

For Maxfield and his wife Dana, it was an easy decision to sell their building.

We were thinking of downsizing my office before we were approached by Bryan Coffey. It made sense for us to sell. Not only could we downsize the space but we think it would give the hospital more room for their services to the community. They were wonderful to work with. We do strongly hope that Hillsboro prospers in the future. We also hope as a community we can continue to strive to grow,” said Maxfield.

Maxfield also mentioned a quote by Abraham Lincoln that seemed quite fitting for the project.

“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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