Hillsboro Council gets feedback on vehicle ordinance

The Hillsboro City Council met with a full room on Tuesday, Dec 17. The topic of interest was the special purpose vehicle ordinance.

City Attorney Josh Boehm explained the updated changes to the special vehicle ordinance.

“Chief Dan Kinning specifically wants to have vehicles have directional lights along with headlights and brake lights. But we did take out number 184, which is tag lights.”

Several citizens present brought up concerns over the additional cost of having directional signals added to vehicles such as golf carts.

Jonah Gehring stated that he had priced out what it would cost to add lighting to his special purpose vehicle and just the parts would be around $269.

Council member Brent Driggers said that he could see not requiring lighting on golf carts since they are only allowed to be driven during the day.

“As long as the slow-moving emblem placard is displayed on the back and they use arm signals for turning, I would be okay with that,” he said.

“I think that would be fine, too,” said Council member Byron McCarty.

All of the members present (David Loewen was absent) agreed that this seemed reasonable and also agreed that it should remain that golf carts should not be used at night or in excess of 30 miles an hour.

The council discussed registration fees as well.

“We are recommending a $50 annual fee. Not only is $50 similar to the communities I surveyed, but it also represents the hourly cost of office personnel plus the time to keep track of the permitted vehicles,” said City Administrator Larry Paine.

Boehm and Paine will continue to work on the wording of the ordinance now that they have the public and council input. They plan to finish up the document in January.

In other business, the council:

  •  approved the 2020 CMB license renewal for the Hillsboro Golf Course, El Lorito Mexican Restaurant, Ampride, Dollar General and Casey’s General Store.
  •  authorized payment to Elcon Services in the amount of $125.32.
  •  authorized a 2 percent cost of living adjustment for all employees.
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