Goessel School Board Hears About Career Planning

The Goessel school board met on March 21 and listened to junior high/high school principal Scott Boden explain about career planning that is offered to students in grades 8-12. Schools now help students create a “path” to help them plan their high school education. Formerly called Career Cruising, the career readiness software is now called Xello. Boden talked about individual plans of study (IPS) for each student. “It’s a nice tool” as students build their schedule, Boden said. Board chair Kelly Booton and board member Ben Schrag agreed that this is a good tool and gives students ideas about possible careers.

Boden talked about CTE (career and technical education) clusters. He said Goessel offers the following pathways within the CTE clusters: graphic design, agribusiness systems, plant systems, animal science, power/structural/technical systems, business finance, comprehensive agriculture science, health science, teaching/training, early childhood development and services, family/community and consumer services. Boden said that each pathway has specific courses that Goessel offers, and some areas overlap.

Superintendent/elementary principal Mark Crawford commented that it is impressive for a small school to offer so many options. He said, “There’s competition for a lot of programs,” and students have to get applications submitted early; they can’t always wait until the last semester of their senior year.

Boden said that covid shut down a lot of individual on-site experiences that had been available to students in the past, although some Goessel graduates have come and talked to students about their careers. Boden mentioned online courses that are offered by community colleges.

Turning their attention to another matter, the board approved the 2022-2023 school calendar. Enrollment will be Aug. 3 and 4, with the first day of school Aug. 18. Parent/teacher conferences will be on Oct. 20, Thanksgiving break Nov. 23-25, and Christmas break Dec. 21 to Jan. 3. Spring break will be March 13-17. Other no-school days will include Sept. 5, Oct. 14 and 21, Jan. 16, Feb. 20, March 10, April 7 & 10. Early release (12:30) days will include Sept. 22, Oct. 20, Nov. 2, Feb. 8, and April 26.

In other business, the board:

* heard from Boden about “pillars” that students and staff worked to create: respectful, humble, kind, mature, and generous. He said the process was “very student involved.” They created statements for each of the words, and art classes designed posters. “It was a good process,” Boden said, noting the valuable insights of the students. Schrag commended the school for this effort. Booton suggested that adults could learn from these goals too.

* considered the “open lunch” request from the senior class. The seniors would like permission to leave the school building during their lunchtime for the fourth quarter, with parental permission. The board discussed the pros and cons of the request and tabled the discussion.

* heard about bus #7, the school’s surplus bus, which is a 53-passenger bus, 2006 model. The board had approved selling that bus at last month’s meeting. Crawford said the bus was listed on Purple Wave and sold for $7,370 to someone from Omaha.

* heard from Crawford that the accreditation visit is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27. “A lot of work is done for that visit,” he said. He invited board members to come that day.

* heard from Boden about school improvement day goals that focused on, professional quality of life, burn-out, fatigue, stress, and connecting staff. “Sometimes teachers feel very isolated in their work,” he said.

* heard from Crawford about the Health Ministries Mobile Clinic that would be coming to Goessel. Sports physicals will be available at that clinic.

* heard from Crawford that tri-county covid levels are the lowest they’ve been, and hospital case loads are easing. “We feel like we’re in a good position right now,” he said.

* heard from Boden about basketball, track, golf, music, and forensics activities.

* approved the bills for a total of $252,474.06

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