Goessel School Board discusses The Learning Consortium

Goessel School board met on Jan. 9 and discussed The Learning Consortium (TLC). Hesston, Moundridge, and Canton-Galva school districts are also members of TLC, in addition to Goessel. TLC was started over 30 years ago to connect the schools and provide interactive television (ITV) opportunities for shared high school classes and college classes. The schools are connected by underground fiber optic cable.

However, TLC schools are no longer using the fiber to connect and share classes. Only Canton-Galva uses the fiber to connect the schools of those two towns in that school district. Therefore, the TLC schools are looking into selling the unused cable.

Junior high/high school principal Scott Boden and board member Sara Hiebert attended a Jan. 3 meeting with representatives of the other TLC schools to discuss the matter. TLC will meet again on Jan. 25 to further discuss selling the cable. Board member Kyle Funk voiced his opinion: “If we’re not going to use it, there’s no need to hold onto it.” Boden said the TLC charter has a provision for the process of selling and vacating the cable.

It was noted that the school administrators who were involved with TLC when it began are no longer working, and current administrators were not involved at the beginning. It was also noted that telephone companies did not have fiber back then.

Turning their attention to another matter, the board accepted a $100 donation to the athletic department from Delbert and Janine Peters. The money is to be used to support live streaming and officiating costs. In a statement from Boden, he said, “We appreciate their support of our live streaming of games and helping to cover the ever increasing cost of officials.”

Boden told the board that due to a shortage of officials, the fall football game with Pretty Prairie is tentatively scheduled for a Thursday. He said that officiating crews are assigned by the league commissioner.

In other business, the board:

* listened to board member Maynard Knepp’s Marion County Special Education Cooperative report. Knepp told the board that “Everything is going well.” He said the interim director is doing a good job, and the MCSEC board will interview three candidates for the director position.

* heard a Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) report from superintendent/K-5 principal Mark Crawford. He talked about state mandates and testing in math and reading.

* approved the request for new junior high volleyball uniforms, according to the rotation schedule. The uniforms cost $1,984.00. Junior high volleyball uniforms were last purchased in 2012.

* heard from Boden that school improvement day would include state assessment preparation, student improvement and intervention processes, and mandatory training.

* briefly discussed Kansas Association of School Board legislative updates. Crawford said the document contains 45 pages of slight revisions. “These policies are really good,” he said.

* approved the month’s bills for a total of $274,565.09.

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