Goessel Library to get new air conditioner

The Goessel city council met on Sept. 19 and decided to hire Goering Hardware to replace the air conditioner in the city library. The air conditioner in the library quit; it has not been working for several weeks when the weather has been hot. It was the original air conditioner that was installed when the city building was built. The air conditioner for the city offices was replaced some time ago when it quit working. The air conditioner in the community room still works and does not need to be replaced yet.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council listened to community member Carol (Reimer) Duerksen and other members of the Goessel Community Foundation. Duerksen said the foundation had been awarded $1,000 to help with emergencies. She said the Foundation members felt that flooding affects the whole community. They wished to donate the money toward flood control, noting that a comprehensive study of the matter would cost thousands of dollars. The council wished to thank the foundation.

Public works director Karen Dalke explained that the city “is in a flood plain.” City Clerk Jennifer Bliss explained that the Kansas Department of Agriculture has to be consulted when a “blue line stream” is involved. Council member Evan Esau mentioned the damming that happens downstream south of town.

In other business, the council:

* approved Ariel Kraus as the new council member, to fill the vacated council position of Kevin Klaassen, who retired. Kraus will begin as a member of the council at the October meeting.
* conducted a budget hearing and approved the budget as previously printed in the newspaper.

* passed resolution 22-08, which concerns the revenue neutral rate. It was calculated at 61.555 mills by the Marion County Clerk.

* listened to Creighton Remus of Nex-Tech. He asked for permission to use the top of the water tower for cell phone equipment. Esau suggested meeting at the tower to discuss the matter with Dalke and emergency people, including the fire chief. Council member Amanda Voth asked about electromagnetic effects. City attorney Joseph Uhlman will review Nex-Tech’s proposed contract. Nex-Tech purchased Moundridge Telephone Company, which covers the Goessel community.

* granted a variance for a resident who wishes to have ducks, with a maximum of six. Neighbors attended the meeting in support of the ducks.

* talked about properties that need to be cleaned up, noting that progress has been made on some but not on others.

* heard about a recreational vehicle park that Bethesda Home is creating on their property north of the duplexes.

* heard that Dalke and Ron Plenert have been installing new water meters.

* noted that the city needs a portable generator.

* heard the police report from Anthony Voth. He said the sheriff’s office had been called for a burglary in progress. Voth had received a complaint about motorcycles racing on Main Street. He mentioned the criminal damage that had been done to lights at the city building.

* discussed the community’s interest in recycling. Mayor Ben Schmidt had contacted county commissioner Jonah Gehring. The county no longer provides the service to cities.

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