Goessel Council thanks Schrag, installs Schmidt as mayor

The Goessel city council met on Jan. 10. Mayor Dave Schrag opened the meeting and thanked the council for their work during his time as mayor. Schrag had chosen to not run for re-election in the recent election. City Clerk Jennifer Bliss presented him with a thank-you card and a certificate of appreciation for the 17 total years he was the Goessel mayor.

The council accepted Ben Schmidt’s resignation from his council position. Bliss then installed him as Goessel’s new mayor. Schmidt expressed appreciation for the leadership that Schrag gave to Goessel and said he hopes to continue in those footsteps.

The council will choose a replacement for the council position that Schmidt vacated.

Council members Evan Esau and Duane Adrian were re-elected in the recent election. Schmidt re-installed them as council members.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council listened to resident John Stucky’s report about the new disc golf course that he has been working on at the city park, along with his son Luke. “It’s progressing pretty well,” Stucky said. Baskets and signs have been installed for the first nine holes. When the back nine holes are finished, the whole course will be done. Stucky is donating his time, and the city is paying for the expenses. The city is allowing $4,000 for the project.

Stucky and the council discussed a sign at Summit and Main to point to the disc golf course.

Council member Kevin Klassen commended Stucky: “It looks real nice.” Other council members agreed that Stucky has done a great job, and the course looks wonderful. Council member Evan Esau said, “We appreciate all the work you’re doing.”

In other business, the council:

* discussed cargo containers. They passed an ordinance that requires council approval for a temporary use permit. A monthly fee will be required.

* set July 23 as the city-wide clean-up day. Bliss explained that is the only day available for the trash company.

* discussed a garage sale date but did not make a decision at this meeting.

* heard from public works director Karen Dalke that she received a notice at 1:15 a.m. on Jan. 2 that the water tower was operating at 32 percent. Despite the snow and ice and the six-degree temperature outside, she went to fix the problem. Public works employee Ron Plenert helped.

* heard that the lift station meter was not working, and a heater quit at a well.

* noted that there is no place for a well in town. The city’s wells are outside of town on private property since the aquifer is west of town.

* heard that Dalke had put salt on city streets.

* heard that Dalke brought a harrow from home and dragged the streets to smooth them. She said the county graded Alamo (State Street), and that helped for a day. “It’s been busy,” she said.

* heard that Dalke had installed a new timer and box for the basketball court at the city park. Someone had broken the previous timer and box.

* noted that the city did not increase utility rates last year.

* spent a considerable amount of time discussing engineering and pipes for water and sewer lines for ground on the north side of town that could possibly be developed.

* set Tuesday, Feb. 22, as the next meeting date, instead of Monday that week.

* approved the month’s expenses for a total of $26,488.81.

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