Goessel Council installs new council member

Goessel city council met on March 21, and Mayor Ben Schmidt installed Goessel resident Amanda Voth as the new council member. She is filling the council position vacated by Schmidt when he became mayor. Voth grew up in Goessel and returned to the community a few years ago after spending over ten years in Lawrence, Kansas. She continues her career as an attorney in public service. Voth says she is looking forward to doing what she can to bring the community together, attract residents, and make Goessel a safe and desirable place to live.

Turning their attention to other matters, the council spent some time discussing properties that need to be cleaned up or repaired. They talked about the property near the gas station and expressed concerns about fire and environmental hazards with the recycling items. The city has been in conversation with the owner. It was mentioned that the price is up for aluminum, scrap, and cardboard. Consequently, the recycling business owner has been moving items out.

The council noted that the owners of the blacksmith shop have until May to show progress on that building.

In other business, the council:

* wished to thank former mayor Dave Schrag for the work he did for the city recently. Schmidt and public works director Karen Dalke noted that Schrag had helped fix some city equipment. Consequently, he saved the city a considerable amount of money. He has been willing to help out a few hours as needed. He had also helped with the tornado siren. The council would like to pay him for his time.

* heard about other issues from Dalke. She said the air conditioner for the city building needs to be replaced; it is still the original air conditioner. She has contacted Goering Hardware about replacing it.

* heard that Dalke had fixed asphalt by Bethesda Home and by Goessel Grocery and Deli.

* heard that someone from KRWA (Kansas Rural Water Association) had come recently.

* noted that the sewer ponds are working correctly.

* heard about a problem with sensors. Dalke said Ed Hickman would fix the problem. He is a sewer expert who helps small towns. He has the necessary equipment for working in confined spaces.

* heard that Dalke had been repairing water meters.

* heard about work that Dalke had done at the city park.

* talked with city attorney Joseph Uhlman about the container ordinance that was passed recently and noted that semi trucks are considered containers. It was also noted that containers cannot be used for housing; permits for containers are only issued for a limited amount of time.

* heard the police report from police chief Anthony Voth. He dealt with drivers who were reckless and speeding. He also dealt with a nuisance property that has since been cleaned up.

* heard from Leda Graybill, who is helping out in the city office. She said MTelco would like a document stating that they can use city property for their tower in exchange for free wifi at the city park. The council voted to allow the tower.

* briefly mentioned the sewer line ordinance.

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