Goessel Council hears of increasing COVID-19

The Goessel city council met on August 23, and Mayor Dave Schrag reminded the council of COVID-19 concerns, especially since “hospitals are filling up,” and “people are dying.” He said, “It’s getting really bad.” He suggested social distancing and wearing a mask.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council spent some time talking about streets. Council member Evan Esau suggested asking someone from the Marion County road and bridge department to come and talk to the council about options for improving the streets. Esau expressed interest in keeping dust down and making the streets smoother.

The council discussed different types of surfaces. Some suggested a sand surface to decrease the amount of dust. However, it was noted that a sand surface creates a “wash-board” effect and has to be graded every day. The current surface is limestone rock, which creates dust.

The council talked about paving the streets but noted the cost and pointed out that water line issues would have to be addressed first.

The also discussed semis and the damage to streets. They discussed the need to restrict semis at certain places. Nearby towns have specific areas where semis are allowed to park.

Schrag said Goessel has five miles of streets. Esau said the county engineer could talk to the council, noting that the county uses a chip and seal surface.

The council summarized the options for streets: rock with dust, sand with a “wash-board” effect, or paving, which is very expensive.

In other business, the council:

* discussed play equipment for the park that would be suitable for children under two years old.

* talked about a dam on private property, noting that it is in a “blue line” stream. Dams are not allowed in blue line streams. A blue line stream flows for most of the year and is marked on topographic maps with a solid blue line.

* talked about progress that has been made with cleaning up at the gas station.

* noted that flood plain designations are changing.

* discussed property that the city would like to deed to the school since the school uses it for track events.

* discussed extending utilities to the Schrag addition. Pearson Construction of Wichita will install the water and sewer lines to the addition. Peason Construction will also install the manhole that will be necessary after the lines have been installed.

* heard that the city had talked to Brian Foster about an engineering agreement for work that needs to be done for the addition.

* heard that the county has spent some time in town working on police matters.

* briefly mentioned code violation letters that will be sent.

* briefly discussed a grant for hazard mitigation.

* passed Ordinance #294, the Standard Traffic Ordinance. The document lists minimum and maximum fines, according to the Kansas League of Municipalities.

* passed Ordinance #295, the Uniform Public Offense Code, which is established by the Kansas League of Municipalities.

* conducted a budget hearing and passed a budget of $1,713,307 for 2022. The council approved the revenue neutral rate of 67.233 mills.

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