Goessel Council hears animal complaints

Goessel city council met on April 15 and heard about barking dogs, dogs running loose and dogs coming into town from the surrounding area. The council wished to remind dog owners that if a dog is impounded, the owner is required to pay the bill and bring the receipt to the city office before the dog will be released to the owner. The council also wished to remind the public that the same rules apply to dogs from out of town.

Speaking of animals, the council also heard from a resident who would like to have 11 hens and one rooster in town. He said he has six children who eat a lot of eggs. In his opinion, the benefits of having a rooster outweigh the negatives. He said a rooster makes the hens more confident and helps with the pecking order. Council members said they will check with other cities before making a decision.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council discussed a resident’s request to designate the area of Osage Street a no-parking zone between Main Street and Marion Street. A resident who lives in that area reported seeing vehicles stopped there about once a week. Council members thought drivers might have legitimately pulled off the highway to make a phone call or check their cell phone messages, or perhaps rest a bit. Police Chief Anthony Voth knew that sometimes a child exchange between parents happens in that area. No damage or vandalism has been reported there.

In other business, the council:

* heard from public works director Karen Dalke that work needs to be done in front of the city building to prevent flooding in the building. City clerk Jennifer Bliss noted that the city building is in the flood plain.

* heard again that the city building also needs to be handicap accessible for people with wheelchairs and walkers.

* heard a long list of work that Dalke had done. She mowed the park and cemetery, patched holes on Main Street, worked on drinking fountains and installed a new one at the city building, as well as a new sink faucet, read water meters, put in a new drain at the park, ordered supplies for the water tower, sent back a pump that was recalled, worked at the burn site, worked with tractor and road grader issues, read water meters, and many other things, in addition to attending a three-day water conference with Bliss.

* reviewed work that has been done on the creek project and work that still needs to be done to prevent flooding in town.

* talked about an insurance buy-down plan, noting that the city’s deductible has increased from $1,000 to $25,000. Bliss explained that the buy-down option would allow the city to pay an annual premium to help lower the deductible.

* received a complaint of someone driving too fast in town.

* heard that nuisance property notices had been delivered by police.

* spoke with property owners who received a notice and felt like they were making progress on their property.

* heard that all the lots in the Harvest Meadows addition have been sold.

* passed a charter ordinance authorizing the city to use the city’s website as an official place to publish notices.

* talked about a wind tower buffer zone but did not decide at this meeting.

* authorized the purchase of a Stellar Pink Dogwood tree to replace a tree near the city building in observance of Arbor Day.

* approved the $250 fireworks permit that had been discussed at previous meetings.

* talked about advertising for a backup city clerk position.

* talked about the sign at the city park and the Goessel sign along the highway.

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