Goessel City Council hears of vandalism at baseball diamond

The Goessel city council met on June 21 and heard from public works director Karen Dalke about more vandalism that had occurred at the baseball diamond building. She has also reported ball diamond vandalism at previous city council meetings. Dalke said she replaced a brand new soap dispenser that someone had destroyed in the building. Someone damaged a toilet and a sink, and they broke a mirror and other items. Dalke had just finished painting, then discovered someone already drew on the doors that had just been painted. Dalke had already fixed the damage from previous vandalism. The council reviewed the contract that the city has with the Goessel Recreation Commission. It was noted that the contract states that the GRC is supposed to be responsible for all expenses in summer, which includes buying all cleaning supplies. GRC is designated to take care of the baseball diamonds and the building in summer. The city is responsible in winter. The council noted that there is no heat in the building. Turning their attention to another matter, the council set dates and times for setting off fireworks within city limits: July 2 and 3, Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. until 12 midnight, and Sunday, July 4, from 12 noon until 11 p.m.. In other business, the council: * heard about high water and flooding from the heavy rain a few weeks ago. Mayor Dave Schrag talked about the high water at the front doors of the grocery store. Schrag said city employee Ron Plenert had gone with him to set up a portable pump and nearly got washed off the road in the city truck. Schrag said he called Brian Foster, who had worked on the city’s new sewer system. * voted to give some ground to the school. It is just west of the baseball diamonds. The school has already been using that ground for some sports practices and events. This is the area that was known as the “airport” a few years ago since some local residents flew their remote control airplanes on that property. * learned about the American Rescue Plan Act and voted to participate. City Clerk Jennifer Bliss explained that it is a COVID-19 relief grant, and $76,000 would be available to the city. She said there are strict guidelines on how it can be spent, and it requires lots of paperwork. Therefore, some cities have turned down the money. Bliss said the city could receive half of the money this year and half next year. The money has to be spent by the end of 2024. The council decided it would be worth the effort, and the money could benefit the city. * heard from Bliss that she had found a grant for playground equipment. * made routine annual appointments as follows — city clerk/court clerk: Jennifer Bliss, municipal judge: Greg Nickel, city attorney: Susan Robson, city treasurer: Courtney Demaray. The Citizens’ State Bank is the official banking depository. * discussed Ground Water District #2. Goessel needs a representative to attend groundwater meetings and be involved as necessary. Councilmember Dean Snelling volunteered. * heard from Dalke about work she has been doing. She has been very busy mowing, spreading rock, grading the streets when possible, maintaining city equipment, and fixing water leaks. One leak was at Bethesda Home, and one was on the property by the highway. * heard that Dalke and Schrag had changed out two meters. Since they did the work themselves, they saved the city $2,400 in labor costs. The parts cost $1,200. * heard about the new telemetry caller and the new pump at the well. * heard that the city is waiting for the grant money for the new backhoe. * learned of the need for metal detectors. * heard about repairs that are needed for the license plate reader. * will hold a public hearing about vacating a potential street that had been platted north of the ball diamonds some time ago. The ground was never used as a street.

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