Goessel City Council hears of First Impressions meetings

The Goessel city council met on January 13 and heard from city clerk Jennifer Whitehead that

representatives of Burden, Kansas, had come to town to participate in the First Impressions project. A

community meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on Jan21, with a chili supper provided by the 4-H

club; donations for the supper will be accepted.

Mayor Dave Schrag expressed interest in the First Impressions meeting, “I’d like to hear what

they have to say.”

The First Impressions initiative pairs towns of a similar size. Representatives of the towns visit

each other and note their first impressions. Then someone at K-State writes a report of the surveys and

reports to the various cities. The idea is to inform cities how people from other places perceive them.

Brian Stucky is the contact person for Goessel’s First Impressions project.

First Impressions was developed by the University of Wisconsin and adapted for use in Kansas

by K-State. The Goessel council had voted at their May 22, 2019, meeting to participate in the First

Impressions project.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council heard an update on the sewer project. The

lining portion of the project is about 30 percent complete. The council voted to allow Schrag to sign a

request for an extension on the project.

The council agreed to purchase an aluminum hydrant gate valve that allows a fire hydrant to be

turned on and left on while the valve is in place. It connects where a fire hose would connect to the

hydrant. Public works director Karen Dalke explained the need for such a device while the construction

crew is working on the sewer project.

The council also heard that the new manholes will be bigger than the current manholes, and

different equipment will be needed to open them.

In other business:

* Schrag administered the oath of office for Ben Schmidt, Dean Snelling, and Kevin Klassen, who were re-elected to their council positions.

* heard the police report from policeman Anthony Voth. He said he had dealt with a number of

complaints and had stopped drivers for speeding and for equipment violations and illegal registrations. He had dealt with animal complaints. He had made an arrest and helped the county sheriff with a warrant. He had been involved with Moundridge on an investigation. He commented about the amount of activity that comes to his attention.

* voted to hire Aaron Christner as an additional part-time policeman for the city.

* discussed the use of the community room for non-profit organizations and reviewed the fee for those

organizations. Whitehead said the current amount is $15, which is half-price. The council noted that the

non-profit organizations all benefit the city, and the council also noted that there is a cost to the city when the building is used. The city pays the electricity fee and the cost of cleaning the building after it is used. The council determined that the current rate for non-profit organizations is necessary to cover the costs that the city incurs.

* noted that the February meeting will be on the third Tuesday of the month instead of the third Monday because of a legal holiday.

* passed capital improvement fund resolutions and a water fund resolution.

* approved an agreement with Keith’s Foods for security cameras on his building.

* discussed the franchise agreement with Moundridge Telephone Company.

* approved the financial statements for the month, totaling $46,512.47.

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