Goessel City Council discusses housing

The Goessel city council met on August 17 and listened to concerns about houses that have not been maintained. Specific addresses were mentioned, as well as the trailer park, which is owned by Bruce and Amy Claassen of Yossen LLC in Hesston. A comment was made, “That trailer park is absolutely awful.” It was noted that the trailer park was created in 1983.

The city had contacted the Kansas Department of Health and Environment about the trailer park. Someone came to look but did not help the city deal with it. The city is also contacting a building inspector to help with uninhabitable residences.

Turning their attention to another matter, the council approved bills for the sewer project, which is nearing completion. The contractor had been allowed to store equipment near the baseball diamonds.

The council discussed the damage that had occurred during the sewer project. Mayor Dave Schrag said there is a 12-month warranty and damages should be fixed.

In other business, the council:

* talked with Scott Barkley, director of energy operations with Mid-Kansas Co-op. He has been working with the diesel leak at the gas pumps. Schrag said that someone from KDHE had come to look at the situation and offer guidance for cleaning it up. At the time of the meeting, it was not yet known how the leak started. Schrag expressed appreciation to MKC for working on the problem, even though they don’t own the ground.

* heard that KDHE had found bags of decaying household batteries nearby, moldy cardboard, and old tires. The tires cause concerns with rodents and mosquitoes.

* opened sealed bids for the bike and storage shed that the city wishes to sell. The highest bid for the bike was $500. The highest bid for the shed was $1,530.

* discussed plans for fixing hail damage. The city building and three pump houses will get new roofing. Roofing Services will do that work.

* heard that siding will be repaired at the pump houses due to hail damage.

* talked about guttering that will be replaced at the city building.

* heard the police report from Anthony Voth. He had dealt with some driving complaints.

* discussed the surveys that residents have been asked to complete. They are necessary in order for the city to obtain Community Development Block Grant money to resurface Main Street. Residents are asked to comply. The money is necessary in order to fund the project.

* heard that a problem at the holding tanks had been fixed. Therefore, city employees are not receiving calls at all hours of the night for that issue.

* heard from public works director Karen Dalke that a generator had been installed.

* expressed appreciation to Ron Plenert for his work for the city.

* heard of work at the burn site.

* heard about a fence that will be installed at the apartments.

* passed ordinance number 287, the Standard Traffic Ordinance, which lists fines for specific offenses, including up to $500 for speeding.

* passed ordinance number 288, the Uniform Public Offense Code as specified for Kansas cities.

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