Write-in county commission race decided

Crawford Registered voters in Marion County exceeded Secretary of State Kris Kobach?s prediction of a 22 percent statewide turnout during the Aug. 5 primary election.

According to the county?s election office, 27 percent of the 7,700 registered voters in Marion County let their preferences be known regarding Republi?can and Democratic candidates seeking a spot on the general-election ballot in November.

The highest voter turnout occurred in Fairplay Town?ship in the southeast part of the county, where 45 percent?37 of 82 registered voters?cast ballots.

The lowest turnout occurred in two nearby communities. In Florence?s 2nd Ward, 25 of the 149 eligible voters?17 percent?went to the polls. The same percentage turned out in Peabody?s West Ward/Township?76 of 460 registered voters.

As for party turnout, with seven contested races on the GOP ballot, 37.1 percent of the 4,682 registered Republi?cans voted.

With only two contested races on the ballot for the county?s 1,186 registered Democrats, 206 of them cast ballots?a turnout of 17.3 percent.

Races of note

EwertRepublicans in the 1st District had the most unusual race on ballot as Hillsboro attorney Lori Lalouette Crawford and retired farmer Donald Ewert squared off as write-in candidates for the vacancy on the Board of County Com?mis?sioners created when Roger Fleming declined to seek re-election.

To achieve a place on the general election ballot as the Republican Party nominee, the leading write-in was required to receive a minimum of 134 votes.

Lalouette prevailed over Ewert, 191 to 118.

She will face Craig Dodd, a Hillsboro business owner who used the certification process to secure a place on the Novem?ber ballot as a politically unaffiliated candidate.

Of particular interest for Goessel-area voters, native son Ken Selzer outpolled the four other candidates seeking the Republican nomination for state insurance commissioner.

Statewide, Selzer pulled 27 percent of the GOP vote while his closest rival, Beverly Gossage, received 23 percent.

Following are the Marion County results from Aug. 5.

U.S. Senate

Republican: Pat Roberts, 837, Milton Wolf 758, Alvin E. Zahtner 112, D.J. Smith 92

Democrat: Patrick Weisner 106, Chad Taylor 87

U.S. Representative

1st District

Republican: Tim Huelskamp 1,073, Alan LaPolice 732

Democrat: James E. Sherow 106, Bryan R. Whitney 91

Governor/ Lt. governor

Republican: Sam Brownback/Jeff Colyer 1,085, Jennifer Wynn/Robin R. Lais 730

DoddDemocrat: Paul Davis/Jill Docking 2-4

Secretary of state

Republican: Kris Kobach 1,089, Scott Morgan 623

Democrat: Jean Kurtis Schodorf 194

Attorney general

Republican: Derek Schmidt 1,556

Democrat: A.J. Kotich 179

State insurance commissioner

Republican: Ken Selzer 686, Clark Schultz 520, David J. Powell 237, Beverly Gossage 207, John M. Toplikar 38

Democrat: Dennis Anderson 182

State senator

35th District

Republican: Donald Hobson 643, Richard Wilborn 445, James E. Toews 321, Marshall Christmann 204, Nick Reinecker 86

Democrat: No candidate

State representative

70th District

Republican: John E. Barker 513, Brian Huwiler 129

Democrat: No candidate

State representative

70th District

Republican: Don Schroeder 982

Democrat: No candidate

State board of education

7th District

Republican: Kenneth R. Willard 1,427

Democrat: No candidate

Bd. of county commissioners

1st District (write-in)

Republican: Lori Lalouette Crawford 191, Donald Ewert 118

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