Weekend full of county fun

It was a warm and sunny afternoon for the 50th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair. Many of Hillsboro’s organizations are able to do most of their fundraising for the year at the one day event. For example, the Hillsboro High School Tennis Team sold a chicken sandwich meal for the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce for their team fundraiser. Here from left to right, Katie Rempel, Emily Paulus, Kate Maxfield and Cheyenne Funk serve up delicious meals to hungry shoppers.
Hope Reynolds and Traci Woodruff pose in their booth at the Peabody Fall Festival.

They are part of a committee that are planning an event called Come Home for Christmas 2019 that will be in Peabody on Dec 7.

We will have more info in our paper closer to the event, but it will include crafts, caroling, a parade, games, Santa and more.

Photos by Laura Fowler Paulus