Three board members resign from MCCEDC

by Patty Decker

The Free Press

Three board members resigned from the Marion County Community Economic Development Corp. at the group’s second annual meeting on Nov. 13.

Clint Seibel of Hillsboro, who was serving as president of the board, and members Jared Jost of Hillsboro and Hannah Bourbon of Peabody, all resigned.

Seibel said he evaluated the results of his involvement with MCCEDC over the last 10 months.

“I feel that it hasn’t been a good use of time, energy and money that I have put in as a volunteer,” he said.

Jost, who has been with MCCEDC since its inception in 2016, said he has commitments in the near future, and knew he would need to step down as the time got closer to fulfilling his other obligations.

Bourbon said because her children have so many activities and she is already volunteering with eight other groups, something needed to give.

“I was very thankful for the funds (Marion County taxpayers) contributed to enable us to budget in order to hire a director,” she said.

“But when it was time to close the deal,” Bourbon added, “it seemed she wasn’t ready to give us the approval of the paymaster; which is a very common tool.”

Bourbon said she believes in MCCEDC, and will help where she can.

Regarding the commissioners request that members be bonded (a surety company covering any loss caused by damage or theft) needed more discussion.

“But, I didn’t resign over that.”

After Seibel, Jost and Bourbon resigned, the board members remaining include Darin Neufeld, Merlyn Entz and Lloyd Meier.

Meier was the newest member, selected by Marion County Commissioner Dianne Novak, and approved by the commission board.

Seibel, Jost and Bourbon agreed to stay with the organization until Dec. 31.

Initially, the board would be made up of nine people, but could be adaptable.

During its infancy, MCCEDC requested financial contributions from the county at $165,000; city of Marion at $44,600; city of Hillsboro at $65,400 and Peabody at $22,500.

Funding from all sources, other than the county, bowed out, but the MCCEDC group has yet to be successful in procuring a full board or in hiring a director.

In recent weeks, the county’s counsel, Brad Jantz, worked with Seibel, and other members of the MCCEDC group, on bylaws and hiring language with the county as paymaster when a director was found, and for the assistant director.

The next meeting of MCCEDC is planned at 5 p.m, Nov. 27, at Emprise Bank, 104 E. Grand Ave., Hillsboro.