Storm causes flooding in Marion County


A massive downpour in Marion County caused flooding that inundated parts of Goessel closed numerous Marion County roads and floated one car into a field.
Late Wednesday night, a strong storm system hit the area, bringing 4-5 inches of rain that fell within an hour in some places.
“It was ridiculous,” Goessel resident Marian Riley said taking a break from cleaning out her flooded garage with the help of son Dylan.
“No blades of grass in my yard were visible,” she said. “It was up to the car doors and almost to the ledge of my house.”
She had already shoved towels underneath her garage door to prevent silt and debris from coming in and planned to repeat the same steps as waters crept closer and closer to getting inside her home, which sits at a higher elevation than the garage.
“I was out there praying all night long,” she said.
As she kept vigil she said she witnessed all sorts of items such as railroad ties and a basketball floating in the flood past her house that the waters had picked up from other yards.
“We had a cooler floating down the creek,” she said with a laugh.
Around 1:30 a.m., she said the waters began to recede.
“I’ve lived here twelve and a half years,” she said. “That was the highest I’ve seen it.”
Riley kept her mind on the bright side of the situation. She said she’d been through worse with dealing with a relative’s house fire in the past.
Riley said her son Dillon also found seven dozen worms that would become fish bait
“At least it wasn’t a tornado,” she said adding that she’d been meaning to do some cleaning of the garage.
Earlier in the evening, the storm system had produced two tornadoes and massive hail in western Kansas.
Down the road, the fire department busily squeegeed water and mud from the floor of a building that houses trucks and equipment.squeegee
Matthew Voth, Goessel Fire Chief said that he hadn’t seen the building flood before and he started in 1997. He said about two to three inches flowed into the building, and debris had clogged the drains which needed to be cleaned out as well.
Next door, James Janzen had fans going full blast at Goessel Grocery & Deli. Janzen, who recently purchased the grocery store, said he showed up at 6 a.m. to survey the cleanup necessary.
“It could have been worse,” he said as he split duties of making Pizza and running the cash register Thursday morning.
Janzen said only about an inch of water came in, and he didn’t think he’d lose any merchandise.
Northeast of Goessel near the intersection of 160th St and Indigo Road, a vehicle sat alone in a field surrounded by the remnants of the flood.

Flooded Car

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