Store boosts ministry with large gift

The Alco Store in Hillsboro donated more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from its discontinued hardware department Wednesday to Main Street Ministries.

Store manager Penny Peterson said she was thrilled about giving the items to such a deserving organization.

“It is very exciting because I know there are going to be families here locally that will benefit so much from this,” she said.

Kimberly Swaney, MSM director since March 1, said the donation was like Christmas.

“We survive on donations from individuals, businesses and churches, and so this is very exciting for us,” she said. “We will definitely be able to put some of (the merchandise) to good use in our building.”

In addition, Swaney said she and the MSM board members are wanting “to get creative about distributing other items in the community.”

Peterson said the Alco stores nationwide were required to donate everything to one organization.

“We couldn’t split it out and we didn’t want to leave the area with these items,” she said. “From what everyone said and what I have heard, MSM was a great organization for this donation.”

More than 30 hours of labor were needed to package the merchandise and included help from group manager Cassidy Johnson and Justin Ball, she said. Peterson said she made a list for each box to make it easier to identify the contents.

It then took only 15 minutes for MSM volunteers to load the boxes that were stacked in the store’s parking lot.

Peterson, Johnson and Ball helped load the merchandise. MSM volunteers included Clint Seibel, Mary Steketee, Dan Swaney, Joel and Lori Soo Hoo, Bret Mueller, Andrew Jost and Aaron Galloway.

“All of the hardware department was reset, so everything like power tools, furnace filters, plumbing supplies, scrapers, spray paint, gallons of paint, toilet seats, light bulbs and more was donated,” Peterson said.

The new line of hardware merchandise was put in its place, she said. This was done in all 230 Alco stores across the country.

Peterson said each community will get a similar donation as the one in Hillsboro. Alco’s total contribution nationwide is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, she added.

Peterson, who is new to the area, said Hillsboro is a great place to live.

“Everyone is so friendly,” she said, “and I couldn’t be more proud of Alco and working for a company willing to do this.”

















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