Hillsboro sent a team of eight to the Kansas State High School Clay Target League 2021 State Tournament this past weekend.

There were 95 scheduled competitors that completed four rounds of skeet for a total of 100 targets shot. Six teams competed.

Three divisions for the high school students were based on their seasonal average from the spring league that was just completed May 22nd.

The Hillsboro team placed 3rd in the team competition and brought home the 3rd place state trophy. Five team members out of eight competed for the Skeet team on Friday, June 18: Jessica Saunders, Sammie Saunders, Aden Nickel, Quinten Bina and Karsen Kroupa.

Novice Class averaged 0-14.99 targets per round of 25. Junior Varsity averaged 15.0 – 19.99 and Varsity was from 20.0 – 25.0.


Jessica – Varsity (female) placed 2nd with a score of 80 (state medal)

Sammie – Varsity (female) placed 3rd with a score of 77 (state medal)

Bina – Varsity (male) placed 24th with a score of 77

Nickel – Varsity (male) placed in a tie for 29th with a score of 71

Kroupa – JV (male) placed 24th with a score of 62


The day was hot and the targets were fast. It was impressive that our skeet team placed 3rd competing against much larger schools,” said Coach JC Saunders.

The trap competition was held on June 19 at the Kansas Trap Association grounds near Kechi.

They have 20 competition fields so that 100 competitors can shoot at one given time. There are so many participants in the high school trap program that the state competition is held over 2 days. Like the skeet, trap competitors completed two rounds of 25 and then took a break. The second session was another 50 targets for a total of 100. The small team conference state competition had 449 competitors this year and the classes are split by the seasonal average like the skeet competition. The large team conference had 508 total competitors on Sunday, so the weekend had over 950 student competitors from all over the state,” said Coach Susan Saunders.

Competing for Hillsboro in the junior varsity division was Chase Kitzmiller, Matthew Basore, Karsen Kroupa, Quinten Bina, Lane Rogers, and Aden Nickel.

The varsity competitors were Grant Evans, Tanner Stuchlik, Jessica Saunders, Sammie Saunders, and Callie Plenert.

No trophies were earned from the state competition, but they handed out the trophies from the spring season, so the team has another trophy for the spring trap league and a few medals for team members,” said Susan Saunders.

Results from Saturday:

JV (male – 130 competitors total)

Chase Kitzmiller – 10th place tie with a score of 89

Aden Nickel – 30th place tie with a score of 83

Lane Rogers – 39th place tie with a score of 81

Matthew Basore – 39th place tie with a score of 81

Karsen Kroupa – 83rd place tie with a score of 74

Quinten Bina – 103rd place tie with a score of 69

Varsity (male – 156 competitors total)

Grant Evans – 32nd place tie with a score of 92

Tanner Stuchlik – 79th place tie with a score of 87

Varsity (female – 19 competitors total)

Jessica Saunders – 5th place tie with a score of 90

Sammie Saunders – 13th with a score of 83

Callie Plenert – 19th with a score of 75

There were 43 teams from all the conferences and Hillsboro placed 14th with a score of 441/500.

It was very challenging to shoot in such hot and windy weather conditions,” said Sammie Saunders.

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