Sheriff investigatingattempted child abduction in Ramona

The Marion County Sheriff?s office is investigating an attempted child abduction in Ramona Sunday, Oct. 23, involving a 12-year-old being asked to get into a car driven by a dark-complected man.

According to information provided by Sheriff Rob Craft, the incident happened at about 5 p.m. while a young girl was playing at the city park.

The male driver was in a new model Ford Mustang with a large red wolf emblem across the back window.

?The male driver told the child that her mother had sent him to pick her up,? Craft said, ?and the 12-year-old replied, ?I doubt it.??

In a second attempt to get the girl into his vehicle, the man told the girl to get in the car and that her mother had sent him to pick her up.

The juvenile then asked the man what her mother?s name was, but he said he didn?t know, Craft said.

?She then ran from the suspect and went home and told her mother,? he said.

In addition to what already was described about the car, Craft said the words ?Hide Me Below It? were across the back window.


No tag information was available.

The suspect, Craft said, along with being dark complected, was wearing a red and black camouflage-patterned hat.

?The child also stated he had a large black scab or mole on his right cheek,? he said.

Dickinson County and Herington police departments were contacted immediately after the sheriff?s office was notified.

?An attempt to locate was sent to Dickinson, McPherson, Saline and Morris counties,? he said.

As of Monday, Craft said his office is looking into a couple of leads, but that the incident remains under investigation.

Safety tips

Craft said the best thing to do in these types of situations is to get away as quickly as possible and tell an adult.

?Don?t engage in conversation with strangers,? he said. ?It?s better to just run.?

In addition, parents should also show their children safe places in their neighborhood to run to if they feel threatened. It could be the home of a trusted friend, a police or fire station.

Parents should also tell their children to trust their instincts.

If they think something is wrong, they need to leave right away, he said.

Abductions can happen anywhere and parents should review safety tips with their children.

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