Marion students piece together blankets for local nursing home residents

Photo Provided/free press From left: Dixie Foster, Maria Carlson, Hailey Harshman, Gabrielle Stuchlik, Shaliah Ensley, Daisy Giles and Kate Watkins made blankets for residents of an assisted living facility in Marion. The girls came up with the project and did the work all on their own. Provided PhotoMaria Carlson, a fifth-grader at Marion Elementary, saw an article about a child who made blankets with their church and got inspired.

“I thought about how my friends and I could do that, too,” said Carlson.

Carlson talked with some of her friends about how they could do a similar project. She got them excited and seven girls began their project of making blankets for nursing home residents.

“We thought it was pretty cool so we just decided to make them and take them to the people at assisted living down the street,” said Shaliah Ensley.

“We thought we could actually do this, so we went to Principal Wasmuth and talked to him about it,” said Hailey Harshman.

The girls started their project off close to Christmas when they made two fleece blankets from material that Carlson’s mom had on hand. After that, they raffled off the blankets at a school carnival in order to have the funds to make more blankets.

“My church donated money for the rest of the material. We would work on them in school and then also stayed after til 4:30 some days getting them all done,” said Ensley.

The group made 17 more blankets which gave enough for each resident to get one. The group delivered them on Tuesday where residents were thrilled to get them.

Photos Provided/free press Hailey Harshman and Dixie Foster with the resident they made a blanket for to show care for their community. They made 19 blankets in less than five months.The girls may continue their project and make more next year in middle school.

“First we need to get used to a new building and figure out our schedules,” said Harshman.

Their principal, Justin Wasmuth, is proud of them.

“This is a group of girls that are just really committed to doing things for the community. They always have. This was their decision at the very beginning. It was one of those things we just let it go and knew it would get done. It was awesome,” said Wasmuth.

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