Ginger and Nellie Sauerwein of Walton were intrigued by the many pieces of magnetic necklaces that not only were beautiful, but also have medicinal purposes. The owner of the booth, Pat Petz of McCracken said she has found the jewelry to help treat migraines, arthritis, tendinitis, swelling, fibromy­algia and much more.

CJ Brockus, along with husband Rod of Wakita, Okla., were among the vendors at the Marion Art in the Park on Saturday. They create stained-glass jewelry, whether in the form of earings, necklaces, rainbows or something with the artists’ personal touch. CJ said all of her shows are in Kansas, Arkansas or Missouri. “It’s fun, because I am always seeing people I know when I go to shows,” she said. “In the beginning, I used to do mostly gemstone, then did wind chimes with stained glass,” she said. “I liked it so much I started making jewelry, and from there I liked it so much I started making bobbi pins, rainbow makers and more.”

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